Monday, November 4, 2013

45 Acts of Kindness, Part 6

From Betsy in Frisco:

Liam and I shared some kindness at Starbucks and Target. Happy Birthday Steve! I never met you but you left quite a legacy with your family. They are amazing!!


From Shannon in Carrollton:

I made and delivered lunch to the caregivers and staff at my dad's Memory Care facility (they are angels!).

I took my disabled neighbor a pot of homemade soup.

I deposited some extra money in my college student's account to help pay for care of the 2 orphaned 3-week old kittens he and his girlfriend found during the floods in Austin.


From Tammy in Frisco:

Bought breakfast at Chik-Fil-A for a harried mom and her three little ones.


From Mike in Carrollton:

I took dessert to the healthcare workers at an assisted living facility in Lewisville. They took wonderful care of my mom for several years before she passed away.


From Paul in Ann Arbor:

I bought lunch for my co-worker, Karen, who has been an awesome friend to me this year. Her sandwich came from a Panera Cares store, which allows customers to pay what they can (I overpaid by about 20 percent today). Happy Birthday, Steve!


From Angie in Frisco:

Our girls LOVE Chipotle so we delivered lunch to Frisco Fire station on Stonebrook! They were so grateful! Thank you Tyra, Cooper and Katie for allowing us to honor your family! xoxo


From Christina in Frisco:

The two friendly gentlemen working at the meat counter at Tom Thumb we're talking about how much they could both use a cup of coffee today. I was so happy to have a few flyers in my purse! Coffee on me today!


From Jessica in North Texas:

Stopped at Chic Fil A (very slow day) and got 2 $10.00 gift cards. I gave them back to the cashier with the 45 Acts cards and asked him to please give them out to the next guests. He said it was a crazy nice thing to do. I hope he has fun helping me pay it forward!


From Lauren in Frisco:

We left a big tip in honor of Steve.

My mom bought this nice man behind us lunch. He does Nuero monitoring and was touched by Steve's story.


From Tammy in Frisco:

Tyra told me that one of Steve's favorite classical pieces was Pachebel's Canon in D. I will be playing it with a trio tonight at our classical open mic in Steve's honor. Also, one unsuspecting customer will receive this flyer instead of their bill at the Lemon Bar/Grill tonight!!

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thom2544 said...

Hi Tyra - There is a really nice new kid (19) in our bike racing club, and his family doesn't have a ton of cash (they are urban farmers in the city of Buffalo, pretty cool huh?) Anyway, I gave him some of my cold weather cycling gear so that he could continue to ride in the colder months and do cyclocross races without totally freezing. It was a day early, but it was nice to see him racing yesterday wearing some of it. I figured Steve would give the shirt off his back to a person in need, so I could too. I hope you are well :-)