Wednesday, November 6, 2013

45 Acts of Kindness: Part 24

From Tricia of Frisco:

Emma, Will and I brought a bouquet of flowers to the Plano Presby nurses station and asked that they give them to a patient who'd been there a while without visitors or flowers.


From Gina of Plano:

Kent and I made a donation to the American Cancer Society for research in memory of Steve and for 45 Acts of Kindness. We've lost so many loved ones through the years (my uncle just this past April) and have so many friends and family either currently facing this disease themselves or facing it with a loved one. We hope/pray research will one day put a stop to a disease that takes way too many far too soon. Thanks for giving us this opportunity! We so admire what you've done to remember Steve and to help others. You and your kiddos are true inspirations! :)


Update from Beatrice:

I was able to deliver the bag of food to the family outside of target... as i was leaving a gentleman pulled up and handed her some cash.... hope they have a good dinner tonight.....


From Marilie of Cypress:

Donated a huge bag of candy in honor of Steve to Cypress Cares to send to troops overseas. 


From Amy:

I saw my friend walking to work today and picked her up. She bought me a coffee.


From Nicole in Vancouver:

Finally! We made it out. I wanted it to be a family thing. Concession at the rink where we bought an instructor her snack then left the sweet concession lady a few dollar tip. Next went to McDonalds where we bought the orders for the 2 cars behind ours. Gave the print out and the brief story...hope it brightened their day In Memory of Your Husband/Daddy's birthday! 

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