Monday, November 4, 2013

45 Acts of Kindness, Part 19

From Rick in Fort Worth:

$45 in gas to random stranger Brian at 7-11 on the corner of University Drive and Berry Street. Rolled in on fumes, he said. Drove away vowing to pay it forward with a random act of kindness of his own to someone else.

For you, Steve.
Blessings to you, Tyra, Cooper, KT.


From Haley in France:

For Steve day, I dropped off 5€ and a handful of Steve cards at the English Club at my university in France. Each coffee costs 40 cents, so I told them to pay for as many coffees as they could for the customers they would have that morning and to give them each a card. (They also posted a card on the door to the club.) They were touched! I just checked in at the end of the day, and the girl who I gave the cards to this morning told me that everyone was surprised and happy about their free coffee.


From Mary of Plano:

I'm traveling (San Francisco) so left an extra large (100%) tips with a couple of cabbies today. Just got dropped off by one who said, "Thank you for your generosity. Have a beautiful night." 


From Cassie in Anna:

Today we made the decision to give the stray dog that found us two weeks ago a trip to the vet so he could get a good grooming. Unfortunately he couldn't get the shots and we were told he has heartworms very bad. We decided to make this stray now known as Buddy ours. He may not live long but we think he should be comfortable, pain free and have a second chance at life. Fingers crossed he makes it and that he is here to celebrate 46 Acts of Kindness. Blessings.


From Heather in Frisco:

We took flowers to the senior residents of Sunrise of Frisco to add a little sunshine to their day.


From Amy in Dallas:

No pictures this time but we: Purchased coffee for a stranger, sent dessert to a table of ladies at lunch, and gave flowers to an incredibly grateful elderly woman in the Tom Thumb parking lot. We're continuing the fun tomorrow by giving fresh banana bread to the always smiling crossing guard on the corner.


From Judy:

Today, I gave a bottle of Champagne to Ruthann and Bill Laswick, to toast, two people whose graciousness has no limits. We met two years ago when I began taking care of their four dogs and six cats whenever they went out of town. It turned into so much more.....they gave me a home to live in when I had no where else to go and gave me a job when I had so much trouble finding work. But the interesting part of our relationship is their son, Zack, who loves God, and has unknowingly through his worship, given me the strength to pray and believe again.


From Susanna:

Bought breakfast for a couple of people at McDonalds this morning & then a friend of mine! Happy Birthday Steve!


From Rebekah:

Addison got in on the act and put in her dollar for a treat for someone.


From Deborah:

I gave a gift certificate for Starbucks to a newly single mother of three with an encouraging note. I put on the bottom so she would know why I picked her. Giving is great! Blessings to you for thinking of such a great way to honor such great love.


From Jeri in Oregon:

I got my co-workers here in Oregon involved. None of them ever met Steve, but were enthusiastic about celebrating his life in this way! We joined together and I delivered two vases of flowers and numerous toys to the Oncology ward at Doernbecher Children's Hospital. I didn't take pictures out of respect for the children, but they were happy to have some new toys.


From Allison in Dallas:

Because W.T. White High School was Steve's alma mater, I took hot chocolate and scones to the front office staff and left a supper gift card for a young mother who teaches ESL classes, coaches the swim team with 6 a.m. practices, and sponsors the junior class. Horns Up!


From Lisa in Frisco:

Max super excited to give the firemen something to "cool" off with.

Of course we couldn't leave out our "cool" police officers.


From Ramona:

We gave Ms. Barber the counselor a Gift Card to Starbucks!

Of course we couldn't forget our favorite Math teacher Ms. Shepard!


From Anne in Ann Arbor:

I love this. Wish I had known about it sooner. But I'm going to put money in the vending machine and leave a note for the next person right now!


From Christine in Frisco:

Brady wanted in on the action. Left some quarters for some other kids! If course he had to get some too!


From Linda:

I purchased coffee and a pretzel for the woman behind me in line this morning. She showered me with hugs and said I made her day. She then purchased coffee for the lady behind her.


From Elizabeth in Massachusetts:

I put some money in an envelope and tapped it to the vending machine at the hospital.


From Claire:

I went to a depressed neighborhood in town and bought breakfast at McDonalds for the car behind me in the drive through, and instructed the cashier to hand the gentleman Steve's card. He was so excited that he pulled up behind me, while I waited at the window to get my tea, and started honking his horn and waving. He followed me about 2 miles down the main drag before I turned off to go to the post office, and honked as he went on down the road. I'd say, he really liked that surprise. I have another card, I just have to decide what other, different act of kindness I will do today. But the first one was a thrill!

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