Monday, November 4, 2013

45 Acts of Kindness, Part 5

From Joyce in Dallas:

Brought doughnuts to my co-workers at Children's and to Dr. Ray Tsai and his staff at MyChildren's, the amazing medical-home network that Steve Damm dreamed up and called Physicians for Children.


From Jessica in North Texas:

Brought bagels for my co-workers with the note about Steve.


From Julie in Karnes City:

My acts of kindness are several-fold. We do these things regularly, but I mentioned the effort to others involved to honor Steve's birthday and your efforts.

Almost all of the moms of eighth-grade football players got together Wednesday night to make goody bags packed with fruit, cheese crackers, granola bars, Gatorade and some candy to give to our boys, plus the cheerleaders and twirlers and the seventh-grade football players after their game Thursday. This week, for the final junior high game and a two-hour rode trip to Dilley, we will make sandwiches and pack drinks, etc.

Aside from football mom stuff, my family and I, along with the Panna Maria 4-H Club we belong to, bought toiletries and assembled them to give to elderly residents of a Karnes City apartment complex. The kids colored and wrote messages in cards. This one is so much more important because it involves helping shut-ins who can't get out to get these essentials -- and I hope our kids continue to learn about service, compassion and respect for our elders.


From Melane (my sister) in Anna:

Brooke made goody bags for each of her teachers and school nurse filled with chocolate, snacks, gum and individually painted marbles to match their interests. She attached an anonymous personalized note expressing her gratitude for them and will be sneaking these in their teacher boxes. Happy Birthday, Uncle Steve!


From Stephen in Dallas:

Brought donuts to the KERA news meeting. Hope it still counts if some of that kindness circled back to me in the form of a donut... Either way, this is a great idea.


From Stacey in D.C.:

For my first act of kindness for the day, I brought in a big sack of bagels for my Deloitte coworkers at our client site. Several of them said they plan to pay it forward today and I will look for other opportunities as the day progresses, as well.


From Janet in Frisco:

Emily and I made dinner for a neighbor who was just released from the hospital.


From Usha in Frisco:

I was thrilled to get the 4th grade teachers their fav Sonic drink!!!!!


From Patricia in Oxnard, Calif.:

My Act of Kindness was an act of silliness. I posted this photo on Instagram with a message for a photographer friend who is battling cancer. According to his blog,, yesterday was a particularly bad day for him, so I really hope this cheers him up.


From Harriet in Grapevine:

Organized our church school kids & parents to help landscape a Habitat house in Fort Worth.


From Lauren in Frisco:

Started a chain reaction at Starbucks. After we bought coffee for the car behind us, she I turn did it for the car behind her :)

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