Monday, November 4, 2013

45 Acts of Kindness, Part 14

From Kerri in Chicago:

Just wanted to let you know that I thought hard about what I would do all day. I finally decided to let fate have its way and let someone who needed me find me on my walk home tonight. I was just passing a man sitting on the corner and he called back to me and said "Ma'am, I'm really really hungry." So I bought him dinner. I actually recognized him as I've met him and bought him dinner before, but I didn't think he remembered me. But as soon as he heard my voice, his eyes lit up as he said "Kerri, I've not seen you in awhile." Anyway, Randy got his burrito and orchata and let me know that he is still looking for work (he just moved here from Arkansas and is living on the streets). He will sleep full tonight.


From Kathy in Carrollton:

I just gave Sprouts gift cards to two very nice Sprouts workers in Carrollton along with an explanation and the flyer. They each gave me a hug, so I was the one blessed!


From a friend:

Had $25 in my wallet. Handed the young lady working shopping carts in the rain the money with Steve's note. She asked what it was for and I told her she deserved it.


From Sabina in Lewisville:

Bought 2 gift cards at dairy queen and gave them to employees to distribute.


From LeiAnn in Celina:

I taped plastic bags with coins and the 45 card all over our coke machine at school. I have loved reading the posts and have tears in my eyes! What an incredible way to honor Steve!  


From Tricia in Frisco:

Will, Emma and I paid for the guy's dinner in line behind us at the McDonalds drive-thru. Maybe he won't be so upset when they mess up his order like always happens at this one by our house ;)


From Christy in Anna:

Family fun box delivered to some great friends who are grieving the loss of their Mom/Grandma. She passed away 2 months ago today after a long battle with cancer.


From Jamie in Elgin:

My day at the funeral home has been a hard one and I didn't get out of here to do anything much but I had to deal with a family who lost their 13 year old son to a gut wrenching tragedy. His birthday is in a few weeks and I told them the story of Steve and about this wonderful gift that we all get to witness of great things being done to spread the legacy of Steve, and I told them that how awesome would it be to celebrate his life in the same way and for what he stood for. I told them that it would honor who he was in the short life he led. They all just gasped and looked at each other and cried and said thank you for sharing that story with us, I think that would be a great way to honor and celebrate his birthday. So thank you Tyra for sharing this gift of Steve's life with us all and I hope that this family can find some peace and joy in spreading the love of their son with all they know and love too.


From Heather in Frisco:

We handed out danishes to several offices today, as well as the dog boarding facility staff when we picked up Zoey (whom we rescued last year for 44 acts of kindness).


From Stephanie in Frisco:

Treated an unsuspecting young couple to dinner tonight!!!


From Amy in Ozark, Mo.:

We (Rance, Adi, and I) did a variety of things today:

-Candy & subway gift card for mail carrier
-Flowers, soup, crackers, and candy for a sick neighbor
-Bag with towel and water bottle left on treadmill
-Gift card and candy left for office custodian
-Rance left energy trail mix in my car for after the gym :)
-Bought a candy bar for cashier
-Helped a stranded motorist

What a blessing to do things for others! Happy Birthday, Steve!


From Jen in Frisco:

We gathered three large bags of books to donate to an underprivileged school in McKinney! My kids had so many fabulous ideas, hard to decide!! We are going to continue throughout the month in honor of Steve!!!

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