Tuesday, November 5, 2013

45 Acts of Kindness: Part 23

From Toya in Minnesota:

Here's what I did in recognition of 45 Acts of Kindness ... treats for my colleagues on a gloomy Minnesota Monday, drove a friend home from work so she didn't have to take a bus and made a donation to St. Jude's. Thank you for inviting me to participate. Always honored to do so.


From Denise in Frisco:

We did two acts yesterday. We paid for a prescription for an hourly employee whom we love and is uninsured. We also gave a 20 dollar tip to a gentleman at Subway who is amazing and so kind! Thanks for letting us honor Steve. It was our honor!


Just after Katie and I arrived home from school, one of our dear friends was at the door, carrying homemade chocolate cake. Thank you, Jakob, for the delicious treat! (As Cooper says, "It doesn't even taste like it was made by a fifth-grader.")


From Renee:

This year I went through my day looking to extend kindness through my normal interactions. I gave a high school student an $8 tip when he brought my vanilla diet coke at Sonic. I gave someone a box (several packages) of gum because they are always supplying others with gum. I was reminded of the importance of appreciating those God brings my way...every day. I shared Steve's story and people were touched by his life.


From Lori:

Left a $50 tip on a $50 ticket for a waitress who works 2 full-time jobs.


From DeLois in Frisco:

Last year I gave to my church to help with families in need. This year I gave Starbucks gift cards to our school office staff, our school nurse, and our school custodians.


From Uncle Greg in Anna:

We checked up on and spent time with an elderly neighbor who loves company.


From Cortney in Minnesota:

Daughter made glitter smiley faces on the back of our 45act cards and handed out cookies to the kids at the park. mom brought coffee for the adults. we had a blast and spread the word about faith love kindness and steve. after having a bad day it was a great way to lift my spirits and i left the park with a smile i just couldn't get off my face. thanks steve.

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