Monday, November 4, 2013

45 Acts of Kindness, Part 15

From Stuart in Rowlett:

$45 to the North Texas Food Bank in memory of Steve!


From Kerri in Frisco:

Well, we had planned on buying some groceries but had to make due with some kindness at a wet and cold football field. We (Andrew and I) gave our gloves to the cheerleaders who were the only two without them.

We also gave a towel (for sitting on) to some sweet teenage spectator who came to the game wearing a skirt.

Wish we could have done more today. ;) Go Kindness!!


From Jennifer in Dallas:

Just gave a movie gift card to a trainer at my little gym. He's got a great, positive attitude & smile every single day (seriously, I don't think the guy's ever had a bad day!). I wanted to let him know he's appreciated!


From Lynn in Carrollton:

I took the opportunity to let the ladies I work with know how much I love and appreciate them by leaving them a note with fresh bagels this morning.


From Ashley in Austin:

Tiff's Treats is this delightful company that delivers warm cookies right to your door so I decided to surprise a stranger with a gift card to Tiff's! I went to the student union and gave the gift card to a girl who was eating and studying alone. The look on her face made it all worth it (: 

Best day ever!


From Katie in Frisco:

We paid for the person behind us today in the Starbucks line and left a note. 


From Shannon in Rowlett:

I paid for the 2 people behind me in the drive thru at lunch, the kids and I brought cake and milk to the fire station near our house and I sent a care package to a friend's sister in Florida who is battling breast cancer. In addition...I was an extra courteous driver and let 2 people go in front of me at the grocery store. One of them paid it forward when the person in front of him didn't have enough money. It makes me so happy to participate in this and honor Steve each year!!! :-)


From Uncle Jim, traveling in Colorado this week:

1) gave Starbucks gift cards to service members staying at same hotel
2) taped 4 quarters to a vending machine at the hotel
3) brought donuts to office I was visiting


From Melody in Carrollton:

I am at In-n-Out on Midway at 635 where my son Stephen works. He is working the drive thru, I am paying for people's orders. He tells them someone is doing random acts of kindness and is their meal is paid for! Then hands them the paper with the information. This is so much fun!!


From Kristy in Frisco:

Molly took a Starbucks gift card to her sweet swim teacher who came out on this cold rainy night to get in a pool!

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