Friday, November 4, 2016

48 Acts of Kindness (1)

Shari in Lucas:

Happy birthday, Steve! Thinking of y'all today! Ryder and I delivered Max's Donuts to Allen's Finest! This is my favorite day! Hugs! I know each act brings a smile to your beautiful face!


Usha in Frisco:

Dropped off Sonic drinks to some of the admin staff at Pearson this morn!


Jennifer in Frisco:

I made gift bags for my three friends and colleagues with whom I work. I also left Starbucks gift cards on 2 random cars in the Bledsoe teachers' parking lot.


Karen in Carrollton:

Delivered cat food to the Carrollton Adoption Center. 


Deborah in Frisco:

These two men fixed my son's dented trombone on the spot, no rental or loaner needed, so they get a bit of kindness too.


Jasmine in Frisco:

Delivered donuts to the Book Fair volunteers and books to teachers


Rae in Carrollton:

I bought this lady her groceries at Aldi! She was thrilled and going to pay it forward!


Cyndi in Carrollton:

A treat left on a random desk at work.

Bought breakfast for random person/patient family at Children's.


Kathy in Carrollton:

The two women that work in the front office at Furneaux Elementary were each given a Sprouts gift card along with the 48 Acts of Kindness note. They were very surprised, as this was their second gift of the day in honor of Steve.  They wanted to learn more, which was a chance for me to tell them about your family and your kind hearts.  J They were touched by your story.  

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