Friday, November 4, 2016

48 Acts of Kindness (2)

Kathleen in Raleigh, N.C.:

Devin and I brought cookies to the awesome firefighters at Raleigh Fire Station 9 and enough carrots to share with Cekacia and all of the horses at Apex Equestrian Center


Tamarah in Frisco:

Sweets for my coworkers at Baylor Aubrey.


Shannon in Rockwall:

Purchased dog beds for our local shelter..... 🐶❤️


Suzanne in Garland:

Both Lowell & I gave a large tip to our Sonic peeps at 2 different Sonics.


Sauyee in Frisco:

Delivered to families in need


Deborah in Frisco:

The person behind me in the drive thru is enjoying their free lunch.... loving this!!!


Janet (and Marina) in Plano:

I got a fun text today from a friend who I met YEARS ago pre-Greta. I don't remember the last time I saw her or even talked to her. But...please look at the text I got earlier. ❤️



In Steve's memory, I am taking cupcakes to several people/organizations who serve our community everyday...often receiving only grumbling and complaints in return. Doing this reminds me of how grateful I am for each and every one of them!


Cindy in Boston:

This morning I brought a bouquet of beautiful sunflowers to a couple not suspecting it. What a wonderful experience and honor to do in Steve's name.


Uncle Jim in D.C.:

Treats for the office.


Joe (University of Michigan Marching Band alum):

I bought a kid I mentor a book on beginning programming.


Holly in McKinney:

Sent an email out to our company inviting them to enjoy 2 dozen kolaches this morning in honor of Steve's bday & shared a little about him & 48 Acts of Kindness. 💜 


Kanya in Frisco:

Dropped off some treats for the sweet volunteers working the polling booths in honor of Steve! 


Aunt Cheryl in Pflugerville:

A donation to the Austin Food Bank in Steve's name


Alyssa in Plano/Frisco:

Tiffs Treats for the fabulous office staff, counselors and admin at Cobb Middle School!
Sonic drinks for the ILA department! 


Janet in Frisco:

Paid for the two cars behind us in the drive-thru line in honor of Steve <3 span="">

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