Sunday, November 4, 2012

44 Acts of Kindness: Part 2

From Aunt Ami in Austin:

"My small deed today will include making a big pot of my chicken tortilla soup for a dear longtime friend and her husband, who is battling cancer."


From Tracy, Adam, Alexa and Owen of Pennsylvania:

"We are visiting my sister in Armonk, NY, where a lot of people are still without power from Sandy. This morning we left an extra big tip for our breakfast server and we also donated two gas cans to a family that needed gas for their generator because they still have no ETA on power restoration. We are honored to do these things in memory of Steve and hopefully we will have more opportunities later today."


From Matt, Marcy and Tess in Frisco:

"We bought the car behind us coffee on our way to church. Tess is taking flowers and a thank you card to the lady who takes care of her tomorrow. We decided we will extend the celebration to Monday, too. "


From Sarah and John in Richardson:

"We sent happy flowers to my cousin Cindi in Iowa; she is a beautiful mom and nurse fighting cancer and in need of prayers. Love to all of you!"


From Kerri in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:

Just wanted to share what I did with you. Being an expat, certain people become very special/important in your life that may not be in 'the real world'. I have a doctor here who has become almost like my mother away from home. She is so special to me and all of my friends here. She has been through it all with us .... sudden death of a friend/colleague, mental breakdowns, depressions, serious illnesses... (not me luckily). Today I went just to get a flu shot, but I took her a lovely bouquet of flowers. She was nearly in tears. As was I. xxoo (P.S. Her name is Dr. Fatima :))


From Durinda in Temple/Belton:

"Handed out the flier to the middle school Sunday school class and the high school class. We will meet back tonight to see what they all did. Love this idea. What a great way to bless others."


From Aunt Cheryl in Pflugerville:

"Part of my deed is that I am on call today with victim services ... I will assist someone in need in Steve's name."


From the Healys in Oklahoma:

"Our family delivered cold Gatorade bottles and breakfast bars to the referee tent at our local soccer club's tournament, with a thank-you note attached. The refs have been working so hard all weekend; they deserve some kindness!"


From Amy of Frisco:

"My daughter and I paid for someone's Starbucks this morning in honor of Steve."

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