Monday, November 5, 2012

44 Acts of Kindness: Part 20

From Celeste in Frisco:

"I gave a Subway gift card to the teen cashier who checked me out at Kroger yesterday. It was great to see his reaction, almost as if he won the lottery. I'm also leaving an Olive Garden gift card for the mailman to pickup today."


From Alma in Arlington:

"The office and maintenance staff at my apartment complex are wonderful people. To thank them for being so kind to me, I baked them cookies made from a recipe that was in the November community newsletter. While on a baking streak, I also made some banana bread to take to work on Tuesday. Election night in the newsroom ... You know how that is! Inspired a bit more, I donated to the Red Cross Disaster Relief. Thank you, Tyra, for inviting me to celebrate Steve this way. I wish I had known him. And thanks for reminding us all to be good to one another."


From Nancy in Nashville, who donated to the American Red Cross in memory of Steve:

"I didn't want the day to pass without participating, and another participant gave me an idea for a worthy outlet. The stories you're posting are so heart-warming for all who read them! -- XXOO, N. (and Sarah, too!)"


From Kelly in Frisco:

"I just wanted to let you know that my act of kindness in honor of Steve was giving a custodial lady, working the Kroger parking lot, unnoticed, a small amount of cash. I thanked her for working hard, then I gave her a hug. She was stunned. I briefly told her about Steve & why I wanted to show kindness. :)"


From Ana in Mansfield:

"I'm in awe of all the people who have posted on here. My act of kindness is one that I cannot write about, but suffice it to say that it lightened the load for one family, without putting them in the spotlight... the every day things that we do, like babysitting so that someone can take a few hours break from caring for a special needs child; or volunteering in the nursery at church; remind us that it truly is the thought behind the deed that spreads the love. Thank you, Tyra, for allowing us to share with you in this way."


From Lauren in Frisco:

"Greg surprised me by painting a room I've wanted painted for almost a year, I turned junk Into treasure & left it on my friends front porch as a surprise 'sussy' and my kids sent love notes to my dad, a recent widower."


From Jeannie in Coppell:

"Taking donuts to cafeteria staff (our unsung heroes) bright and early Monday."


From Minda in Lewisville:

"Try as I might, I truly received more than I gave yesterday. However, I did make sure the kitchens in the office had fresh coffee and the printers were fully stocked with paper early last Friday and this morning. We are big coffee drinkers here and the early birds print their reports first thing. Hope it makes Monday morning easier... (In memory of Steve's kindness)"

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