Sunday, November 4, 2012

44 Acts of Kindness: Part 16

From Ana in Wisconsin:

"When I was thinking of what kinds of things I wanted to do today, I thought about my dad. He died of cancer Sept. 3, 2008 and Nov. 12 would have been his 70th birthday. So, to honor both your Steve and my dad - I knew I wanted to do seven acts (one for each decade my dad would be celebrating). So, despite having to work - I did my best to fit in some extra kindness.

1) I started early with a trip to the Wisconsin Humane Society where I dropped off a small bucket of goodies filled with items from their "wish list." I in turn was thanked by Patty, Marcus and Picasso, the resident screach owl.

2) Next, a quick stop to drop off bagels and schmear to my local Milwaukee Fire Department Engine 7 firefighters.

3) I had a few minutes before work, so I surprised the Spice family with a Starbucks gift card. They are wonderful people and deserve an extra treat for all they do for others.

4) Finally, I handed out Starbucks gift cards to a couple of the girls I work with at Walgreens. Both Liz (pictured) and Lisa have a great smile that they share with me and our customers (although I accidentally deleted Lisa's pic from my phone).

I can't tell you how giddy I have been all day long. I plan to keep forwarding the kindness ...


From Tifani in Rockwall:

"Baking cookies to deliver tomorrow to our favorite school crossing guards in honor of Steve. Also donated to the Red Cross for the hurricane relief. Thank you for including us in this very special way to honor Steve's memory!"

From Angela in Allen:

"We brought donuts to our check-in team (for security for children's classes) at church. I subbed in the 4-year-olds' class for a friend who couldn't be there. We made cookies and delivered a plate to our local fire station, as well as some for both of E's teachers at church and a lady who has been mentoring her. More to come this week!"


From Monica in Oregon:

"I live in Tigard, Oregon, a suburb of Portland. My 12-year-old son and I just went thru the drive thru at McDonald's and we paid for the car behind us. We loved seeing the little exchange behind us in the rearview mirror with the guy trying to pay and then realizing he didn't have to. My son asked me if he thought anyone had ever paid for his food before. We are very happy to celebrate in what would have been your husband's 44th birthday."


From Angie in The Colony:

"We have been without TV or Internet since Thursday the construction crew on our street cut the line. AT&T men have been working on it since Friday. Today a crew spent all day on the line and just got it working. I sent my husband to give them a case of beer for all their hard work! They just laughed and said thanks. I told my husband to bring them diet dr pepper and he said they were not that kind of group! Normally I would just be happy to have my service back but I wanted to do something nice for someone today in honor of Steve and this was a great act of kindness!"


From Suzanne of Frisco, traveling from St. Louis:

"Gave a starbucks giftcard to the person behind me at airport check-in!"


From Jocelyn in Anna:

"I bought my brother in Maryland dinner tonight. He it's going through a really hard time, and I saw Melane post about buying a pizza and I thought what a great idea. My brother was so appreciative and it felt so good to do that for him. I shared your story with him and when he gets back on his feet, he said he would pay it forward..."


From Mary in Florida:

"Made a donation to the local food bank in Steve's name. Sending love and prayers to the entire Damm family. Happy Birthday Steve!"

"I passed out 44 bags of chips at the local college campus."


From Jaynie in Washington State:

"I bought baby photos for a mother and father; just starting out."


From Belle in Little Elm:

"Gave our server at breakfast and extra large tip & also gonna have a frosty for a late treat. I'll ask the guys to pay for the car behind them tonight at Wendy's as well. I am touched by all of the kindness that has happened today in Steve's honor. What an amazing legacy!"


From Joanie in Lewisville:

"About to make a pledge to the Down syndrome guild for our friend, Casey, who did the buddy walk today."


From Paula in Grayson County:

"My act of kindness today was taking Braums ice cream sandwiches to the crew working on my house."


From Dennis:

"I've been unemployed since 07/2011, so my acts of kindness won't involve any money. Guess that's why they say the best things in life are free.....

I listened. A friend who is having trouble with her teenaged son is in a quandary about what to do. I heard her out and let her get it all out, suggested a few resources at her disposal and let her know I'm here anytime she needs to talk."

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