Sunday, November 4, 2012

44 Acts of Kindness: Part 6

From Nancy in Frisco:

"We left church and decided to take lunch to the receptionist at the facility where my mother lives. We also took dessert to some sweet caregivers. Thanks for the reminder to just do nice things. It's especially nice when you know they don't receive many accolades for their hard work with the elderly. I know Steve is so proud of you and the kids for starting this great annual event in his memory."


From Nita in Frisco:

"Cory took Starbucks cards to his confirmation teachers and pastors at church today."


From Amy in Plano:

"Bug and I just delivered 2 plates of homemade chocolate chip cookies to our neighbors :)"


Cooper and Katie delivered flowers to a nearby nursing home. We asked a nurse who might need some cheer, and he pointed us to these two beautiful women. 

The woman in green exclaimed, "Are these for me?! I was sure they were for someone else."

Her friend told us that her own late husband's birthday is Nov. 14.


From Bledsoe teacher Amy:

"I'm bringing dinner to some friends whose newly adopted little girl had surgery this week."


From Sarah in Carrollton:

"I treated the nursery workers to Starbucks!"


Nili in West Hollywood:

"Cooking up all sorts of vegetarian goodies today and giving some of it to my neighbor who is sick. Maybe some fresh food will help her heal."


From the Sosbee family of Frisco:

"Today our family bought lunch for an elderly man at El Fenix dining alone. He gave us the biggest smile. We told him to have a nice day and he exclaimed 'I believe I will!' "


Twitter friend Amy:

"Chancey and Safin delivering homemade brownies to our local fire station."

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