Monday, November 5, 2012

44 Acts of Kindness: Part 21

From Will in McKinney:

"Conor is helping his first-year teacher fill her class library with a gift card to Half Price Books in honor of his Uncle Steve."


From Haley in Carrollton:

"In honor of Steve I will be donating some lightly used clothing, stuffed animals, and hand knit scarves/hats to Our local Christian Community Action center."


From Tara in Dallas:

"I left brownies for the support staff (custodians, clerks, etc.) at school."

"Paid for the car behind me at Starbucks. The barista loved the concept of the Acts of Kindness event and gladly posed with the sign!"


From Erin in Dallas:

"Gave my neighbors my favorite chocolate cherry toffee cookies. :-)"


From Vicki in Carrollton:

"I left money on a vending machine, and bought breakfast for someone. Rick picked up a hubcap from the middle of Hebron Rd.

So thankful to participate in this event to honor Steve."


From Larie in Carrollton:

"One tiny thing I did yesterday at Target was give my basket to the lady behind me and get another one for myself. It's a small thing, but I never think to do things like that, and maybe I will be more conscious of my surroundings. Thanks for giving us all an opportunity to think differently."


From Karen in Atlanta:

"We continued through Monday by bringing in bagels & donuts to work to appreciate our team of social workers who work with children in foster care."

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