Sunday, November 4, 2012

44 Acts of Kindness: Part 19

From Bruce in Plano:

"Patty and I attended a church concert in Oak Lawn featuring a choir that includes a young friend. Her parents drove in from Laredo just to hear her. We got there early (uncharacteristic for us) and reserved spots in the front row for our friend's parents. They beamed at her throughout the concert, as if hers were the only voice they heard."


From Laura in Oklahoma:

"My sister drove 3+ hours (6-7 round-trip) today to provide support, strength and encouragement to a family member in need."


From the Strader family in Frisco:

"1. We bought pizza for the night crew of Rambling Oaks to thank them for their care of our families.

2. We adopted an elderly person at Rambling Oaks whom has no family and has never had even one visitor in the 3 years she has lived there. She is declining and lately has poor memory, poor hygiene and is very lonely. She will have her hair done this week and her apartment cleaned and Christmas presents bought this year, all in memory of Steve."


Katie put together small bags of candy and delivered them to neighbors' homes.


From Sharon of Dallas:

"I went to the cemetery to check on the flowers on Mom's plot ... And I tidied up all the other flower arrangements and turned-over vases, etc. on all the 'needy' plots in a big swath of the cemetery.  I said prayers 'for Steve, Mom and the families of those plots i worked on all the while. It felt good."


From Chelsea in Plano:

"This is not anything colossal, but I went over to my grandparent's house this evening and did their dishes after their company left. Love to you and the kiddos! Xo!"


Elizabeth in Dallas made a donation in memory of Steve to the American Red Cross.


From Sharon in Lewisville:

"My family helped out in the acts of kindness as I was under the weather - My son Devon helped out in the Sunday school class. Zach worked with Tyra to leave notes and pick up trash. 

I did get out for a little errand today and made sure to compliment people as I saw them - one I especially remember is a muslim girl who had on a beautiful headdress at Sprouts - I know many people show some prejudice to these people so I made a special effort to tell her how beautiful her headdress was - the smile on her face was one I will try to bring to others often. Remember everyone one of the easiest acts of kindness that we can do every day is to compliment a complete stranger, its free and its amazing what it does for them. 

I also told my family someday when I pass on this is my last wish - for them to celebrate my life with acts of kindness - there is no better way to remember someone than with Love. Thanks for sharing the experience with all of us! And Steve although I never got to know you - your children and your wife show acts of kindness every day and I know you are looking down on them and filling their hearts as well as all of ours. God has blessed us all through you.


From Stephanie in Seattle:

"Today I gave flowers to a neighbor that I do not know very well but admire.

I know Steve is proud of you for putting this together... So am I.  :)"


From Mary in Bedford:

"Went to Wal-Mart this evening for a few things, but also in hopes of finding someone who might need a 'Steve' boost. Saw a very, very beat-up car in a handicapped-parking spot (yes, the car had a qualifying license plate) and slipped an envelope with a '44 Acts of Kindness' flier and $20 inside under the windshield wiper. Hoping it lifts that person's spirits as much as it did mine."


From Julie in Kenedy:

"Our 'pay it forward' was giving stew to older members at church and donating to youth 4-H."

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