Sunday, November 4, 2012

44 Acts of Kindness: Part 14

From Stacey in Virginia:

"In honor of Steve, I paid for the order of the car behind me in the drive-thru at KFC in Alexandria (Kingstowne), VA. The guys at the window thought it was awesome and posed for me.

I also donated to the New Jersey SPCA to help some of the animals affected by the hurricane. (I hope Margie approves.)"


From Gina in Collin County:

"We decided on making a donation to the McKinney SPCA in memory of Steve. I'll always remember how much you two loved your dogs. 

Thanks again for inviting us to participate in this wonderful event. It's a fantastic way to honor Steve! Wishing you and your family much peace."


From Amy in Little Rock, Ark.:

"Our cousin Karen is in the hospital; we dog-sat for Karen's sister, Beth, so Beth could spend a long day at Karen's bedside without worrying about little Cowboy."


From Jenny in Dallas:

"It doesn't seem much, but I welcomed a rather 'challenging' relative into my home and gave her the use of my car when she had no other place to go. I celebrate this day with you and your wonderful family. What a wonderful way to celebrate Steve's legacy. Hugs and kisses to all!"


From Ria in Frisco:

"At the checkout stand at Target today, I purchased a gift card and handed it to the person in line behind me. She was surprised and grateful! It felt good to make someone I didn't know smile. Thank you Tyra! What a beautiful way to honor Steve!"


From Laura in Frisco:

"The Tamney girls, Will and I brought a cake to the fire station.  Then we went to Jack in the Box and gave the guy taking our order 10 dollars.  I think he teared up!!!  Then a guy at Krogers was sweeping the sidewalk and gave him a 10.  He wasn't sure what to think of it.  I told him to pass on the kindness and he just looked at me funny and walked away! HA! Steve was smiling bright today!"


From Patricia in Oxnard, Calif.:

"I attended a Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration yesterday. The celebration honors loved ones who have passed away with music, dancing, and the loved ones' favorite foods. The leader of one of the mariachi groups asked me if I would email her some of the photos I took of the group. I emailed her these photos."


From Kindra in Frisco:

"At Starbucks this morning I left $10 extra to pay for the cars behind me and then put and extra dollar in the tip jar. The barista looked kind of shocked. I also took by a goody bag to two friends who are recovering from surgeries."


From Shilpa in Plano:

"Normally Rahul cleans and watches Juhee while I read. Today I cooked, cleaned, practiced music with Juhee."


From Beth in Frisco:

"Spent some time supporting a friend in need today, was a good feeling to be able to help."


From Jamie in Carrollton:

"Took dinner to a mom of three who is battling ovarian cancer."


From Laurie in Iowa:

"Today Haley and I worked on a art project that will be delivered to a nursing home by our house. She wanted to donate a personal gift to someone that may not have much. She is also looking to volunter there."


From Betsy in Carrollton:

"I took stuff today to the Goodwill drop off. The worker had fallen. I went back home and brought her water and an Aleve. Hope it helped."


From Dallas in Seattle:

"We ♥ Olympic National Park and O.N. Forest in Washington state. We visited there today, paid our fee and the fee for two additional cars. We said a little prayer for Steve and your family while we were in 'our' special place."

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