Sunday, November 4, 2012

44 Acts of Kindness: Part 12

From the Yancey family in The Colony:

"We are sponsoring a Thanksgiving Lovepac in Steve's memory. This will feed a family of up to 3 children over Thanksgiving school break. Thank you for using Steve's birthday to spread kindness to so many. God bless you, Cooper, and Katie!"


From Patricia in Oxnard, Calif.:

"George and I performed this act of kindness on Friday. We treated my colleague, academic peer advisor and Education Ph.D. student Torrey, to lunch at the Faculty Club. This hard-working, friendly, talented, generous, awesome woman has been a student at UC Santa Barbara for a year, but had not yet had the pleasure of dining at the club. We really enjoyed our lunch with her."


From the Rodriguez family in Frisco:

"Mario donated blood today at church in honor of Steve."


From Melane in Anna:

"I ordered Papa Daryl's (who lives 3 hours away) favorite pizza and had it delivered. 

We also decided we will bring pizza to Mom's nursing home's wonderful staff, when we visit in a couple of weeks."


From Amy in Denver:

"The Bradshaws made cookies and delivered them to several neighbors w the card attached and an additional note stating Steve was our wonderful neighbor in TX and we loved getting to participate in honoring his legacy."


From Melissa in Dallas:

Jasmine and I gave money to a disabled man at a busy intersection.


From Aunt Karen in San Antonio:

"So, my goal was to celebrate a Steve Birthday Weekend & perform 44 acts of kindness myself beginning last Friday. Picked up my daughter & 8 week old granddaughter who are spending a week with us. Needless to say, the 44 acts didn't quite pan out but I had a fabulous time and felt the love of human kindness through every act I was able to do.

Goal for next year? 45 AOK's beginning on Steve's Birthday which will be a Monday for a week of kindness.

Some of what I did thanks to the helpful hints:

Bought lunch for Military men at Taco Cabana. 

Let a couple go before me at the grocery store checkout. 

Let someone else have the prime parking space.

Stopped traffic in a non pedestrian crossing area for two elderly women to cross safely 

Loaded groceries into back of car for a Mom with 2 little ones while she strapped them in

Let 2 Semi trucks into lane in front of me through construction area. 

Gave away a Halloween decoration to neighbor boy who marvels at it every year

Gave a ton of leftover Halloween Candy to neighbor girl for her upcoming slumber party. 

Placed 2 blocks worth of neighbors newspapers on front porches. 

Taped Fuel Gift Cards onto gas pumps in a hard working struggling neighborhood.

Taped quarters at change machine at car wash. 

Bought Scratch off Lottery Tickets for a mentally challenged man who was letting everyone in front of him in line. I got out of line to see what he was buying for himself (nothing in hands). He bought a scratch off ticket; hence the purchase for him. 

Bought a Lotto Ticket and gift card for a woman at my local CVS who is a single Mom, works hard & ALWAYS has a smile for everyone who comes in.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this amazing tribute to an amazing man and your amazing family. It is I who have been blessed. Love you!"


From Suzanne in Frisco:

"While at Plano West Snowflake bazaar, the Jordans paid for the next 5 customers who ordered a snack from the school."


From Laura in Oklahoma:

"From my friend Renae Duncan in Edmond, Okla:

Random act of kindness for today:  family picked up two huge trash bags from two neighborhood ponds. Jack (her five-year-old son) says, 'I am happy we are doing this for the man in heaven who Laura knows.' "


From Tara in Frisco:

"The kids yoga class at LSR was dedicated to Steve and your family. The kids were given the opportunity to do an act of kindness on his behalf today. 

At Whole Foods there's a butcher who is kind and helpful and only has one hand. We gave him a $20 tip today in Steve's honor. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to reach out this way."


From Laura in Mansfield:

"The kids decided to buy a Sonic gift card and leave it with the carhop to pay for the next thirsty customer's order. They really wanted to hand it to someone, but I told them a gift can be more fun if it's anonymous."

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