Sunday, November 4, 2012

44 Acts of Kindness: Part 13

From Melane in Anna:

"Brooke surprised her sweet and dear friend with a goodie bag filled with fun things."


From Kelly in Frisco:

"We left a generous tip to our server & brought donations to Frisco Family Services."


From Cindi in Mansfield:

"I have been so honored to join your family tradition. 

I found out that a woman at my gym and her husband were laid off from work.   Her sister was murdered a couple of years ago and one of the suspects was just sent to trial. To deal with the stress she regularly visited the gym. Due to their financial situation she has not been able to afford her membership dues. A few of the ladies at the gym got together and we paid her membership through the end of the year. 

I also left gift cards on the car windshields at the gym and also the employees of a local Mexican restaurant I frequent."


From Maria in Tarrant County:

"To honor Steve's memory, Carina and Gabriela donated toys to a local daycare. We left them on the doorstep for them to find tomorrow."


From Amy in Carrollton:

"Gave a free private ice-skating lesson to a girl whose mother has cancer! 'Twas an amazing feeling..."


From Kobi in Anna:

"We took dinner and dessert to a friend who had surgery."


From Lisa in Plano:

"In honor of Steve's birthday, we are making a donation to the Friends of the Library.
I know your family values reading and books, so it seems like a good match!
Thanks for letting us all be a part of this special day!"


From Kelli in Frisco:

"We baked bread for a friend and bought dinner for the car behind us at Braums. :)"


From Karen in Frisco:

"We took a card & cookies to Kendall's friend who placed first in her cheerleading competition."


From Suzy in Carrollton:

"I watched my God-daughter for the day so my best friend could do some much needed shopping. I took the girls to a local neighborhood fall festival- they had a blast!"

"Jody invited a friend over for dinner and made a yummy surf and turf for the family."


From Shari in Collin County:

"Delivered Oreo Pudding Cookies to McKinney's Finest....Fire Station #6!"

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