Tuesday, November 6, 2012

44 Acts of Kindness: Part 23

From the Kosifou family in England:

"Hello, we live in the South of England, and heard about you from a friend at the digichick forum (Tracy) - and we wanted to join in  too! We were actually away from home on the day, so my daughters and I (ages 8 and 6) looked around us for little things we could do. 

We held doors open for people, and let others go in front of us (even when it meant they didn't get to be first in line, or choose the thing they wanted most). They also smiled at people we passed in the car, and played with a grizzly baby so the mum had a moment of peace. Small things I know, but sweet and helpful things, and all done with a smile and a happy heart. 

This such a beautiful way to remember someone you love, thank you for the opportuity to do a good deed for a good reason! ~ Corrin, Ella and Eden"


From Patti in Carrollton:

"Shared the note with an attached KitKat bar to my Stephen Ministry class.  Shared the birthday wish to perform a random act of kindness.  Also shared how inspirational the blog is.    THANKS for sharing the journey..."


From Jan in Colorado:

"I bought the soldiers behind me lunch."


From Linda in Dallas:

"Just took time to read all the posts. Marvelous! Maybe you could have a version of the note that could be done on business cards for people to use year-round. Make "a Steve Damm kindness" a household name! 

One more tiny act to add (and I hope it makes you laugh): After donating early to the Pine Ridge, S.D., team headed to the NY marathon to raise money for a reservation youth center, I thought an opportunity for another random act would present itself Sunday. But that didn't happen. So today I offered to chop onions for my mother's lunch salad -- even though I loathe the smell of onions! It made her happy "


From the Sweckard family in Frisco:

"Thank you for inspiring our family and for sharing Steve’s story. We are enjoying reading about the many acts of kindness done in his honor.  Last Friday, Scarlett, our 5 year old, donated all of the gifts she received for her 5th birthday party to the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital.

In addition, since we are from New York, and have lots of family living there, we made a donation to the Red Cross in memory of Steve to be put towards the Hurricane Sandy disaster relief."


From Kathy in Carrollton:

"I paid for the items being purchased by a young mother and her three children at CVS.   I butted in ahead of them as they got to the counter - ( and they were so nice about me butting in ahead of them!! ), and then there were shocked to realize I was actually butting in to pay for their items.   
Thank you for encouraging us all to do things like this.  It was a privilege to honor Steve's memory."


From Angela in Allen:

"Today I only managed to take cookies to our crossing guard and M's teacher, but I've still got more acts of kindness up my sleeve..."


From Ana in Wisconsin:

"I mentioned yesterday that I intended to continue to pass the kindness (school being closed on the weekends and all). I also wanted to finish the final three acts of kindness intended to honor both Steve and my dad. To round out the celebration, here are the acts I 'committed' today.
5) When I first started my student teaching, I spent time with the students during recess. Many of the students play four-square and soccer - but the soccer balls were a bit "well-worn." I dropped off three new balls for recess. This was just a small token to repay the kindness the school and its students have shown me.

6) To make up for all the candy I have brought to school lately, I decided to bring in a healthier option for teachers and students who visit our classroom with a small assortment of fruit. I was so happy to see the students asking for the apples and pear even though the pumpkin holding the leftover Halloween candy was just inches away.

7) I have been working at another school in the after-school program since April. Every day, these students greet me with bone-crushing hugs and cheers of "Miss Ana!" How can I not feel loved? I brought in two new games for them today - Cooties and Ants in the Pants. Watching them enjoy these old favorites made me giggle.

8) Ok, it's more than seven - but this kindness thing is addictive. My final stop tonight was to stop by my friend's house to drop off a Starbucks gift card and flowers. Krissie has been a wonderful friend to me over the last few years and busy schedules have kept us apart for a long time - even though we live just miles away from one another. I intended to "drop and dash" but ended up spending three hours with her and her amazing family (and got tamales to take home as an added bonus).

Tyra, I'm lucky to be blessed with such great family and friends; my health; a new career as a special education teacher; a dog and two cats who love to cuddle with me and so much more. I have been the receiver of so many great kindnesses and know how even something little can go a long way. I truly believe I have gotten back so much more than I have given these last two days. Thank you for letting me be a part of this wonderful event - and count me in for AOK 2013!"

From Mandy in Frisco:

"Yesterday, I brought my Girl Scout co-leader a much needed Sonic drink, tonight I bought Starbucks for the car behind me, and Bridgette and I are going to take some goodies with us to the Cystic Fibrosis clinic at Children's on the 20th for the doctors and nurses."


From Stephanie in Keller:

"Today I was at Walmart and the girl in front of me told the cashier that she only had $22. Her bill was $22.60. I handed the cashier a $1 and told her to give the change to the girl. The gentleman was grateful that he didn't have to wait for her to dig for the change. I was happy that I made someone (actually 3 people smile) It was a $1 but you could tell that it meant a lot more than that to the girl in front of me!"


From Jeanene in Frisco:

"A friend of my husband was out out sick with for over a month. As a random act of kindness he left a gift card to their favorite restaurant so they can enjoy a nice meal."

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Marci said...

I have been way behind on blog reading and am just now seeing this! These stories are AWESOME! Even though we missed November 4th I think we may just have to go out and do some random acts!