Sunday, November 4, 2012

44 Acts of Kindness: Part 15

From Rick in Fort Worth:

"My boy Ethan, 7, and girl Lucy, 3, picked out a toy to give to a new family that moved in down the street. Upon presenting the gifts, precocious Lucy declared, 'We're being extra nice today!' "


From Jessica in Richardson:

"The brunette is my daughter Rachel, we went to Kroger and picked up a gift card to hand out randomly.  We saw this woman and her sweet son so we approached them.  I can never explain this act without tearing up, what a wonderful opportunity! She wasn't sure what to make of the gift, but was very touched.  Her son liked it, he tried to eat the paper!"


From Bledsoe teacher Jana:

"We paid for the man's dinner behind us in line at Dairy Queen. So thankful to have been touched by such a wonderful family."


From Paige in Oregon:

"When I set out with the intention of buying breakfast for a couple strangers at a local café, I had no idea the reactions it would garner. 

As soon as I was seated I saw a likely recipient: an elderly man wearing a World War II veteran cap. A few minutes passed before I realized his right arm was missing, and that sealed my choice. 

My dining companion’s first husband was killed in Iraq and her current husband served in Afghanistan this year; a good friend is an elective amputee. When the man’s waitress delivered the 44 Acts of Kindness note and told the vet and his two companions that their bill had been paid, they got choked up, which made me and my two companions choke up. 

When I paid the man’s check his server thanked me for the act of kindness, so I told her how it came about. She said she has a 32-year-old relative, the father of three young kids, who is battling brain cancer. 

And then all the other servers in the restaurant gathered around and thanked me for picking up the veteran’s check. Apparently he’s a regular customer and a genuinely nice man. 

It took both of the vet’s companions to get him standing and out of his booth. I was deeply moved by the effort that it must have taken for them to get him to the café. 

After they were gone, his server stopped by to tell us that the group intended to pay forward the act of kindness. Easily a dozen people in Beaverton, Oregon, touched by the tribute to Steve. What an amazing feeling. Thanks to you and your family for reminding us how far a little kindness will go. Happy birthday, Steve!


From Laura in Oklahoma:

"My neighbor Teresa Stearns reports she delivered homemade Mac and cheese to a neighbor, and challenged her kids to do one kind act a week."


From Laura in Frisco:

"I made a care package full of some of my brother's favorite things. He is going to MD Anderson on Tuesday for surgery to remove a recently found tumor. Prognosis is good. I wanted to let him know how much we love him and how special he is to us!"


From Kevin in Carrollton:

"Alex and I bought the food for the car behind us at Wendy's today.  It's fun to try and explain what you are trying to do the the person at the window.  I like the smile that lit up her face when she read the note and 'got it.' "


From Laura in South Carolina:

"We heavily triple+ tipped our awesome waiter at Red Robin who has taken care of us after soccer games many times. We left our 44 note and told him he was great and to just pay it forward in honor a great guy, Steve :)"


From Ann in Frisco:

"Made a donation to Operation Kindness, where my brother adopted his dog."  


From Michael in Brazil:

Picked up rubbish from Praça Fernando de Azevedo, a trianglar green space named for a Brazilian teacher, critic, essayist and sociologist. - in São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo.

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