Sunday, November 4, 2012

44 Acts of Kindness: Part 9

From my sister Melane and her family in Anna:

"The Woodburys drove around McKinney and passed out Dr Peppers and Lindt Truffles. Steve always told me I deserved to have these specific treats and randomly bought them for me often. I love and miss you, Steve! Happy Birthday Booty-shake!"


From Jenny in Plano:

"Just paid for a woman's medicine in line at CVS. Told her and the cashier your story and how inspirational you are."


From Uncle Jim in Virginia:

"Handed out 12 Subway farecards to arrivals at Washington Reagan National Airport (and helped several travelers along the way with 'How do I get to...')"


From Swati in Houston:

"Gathered some new toys to donate to the Houston Area Women's Center (see pic), but they were closed today, so my backup (I wanted to do something on the actual day) was buying the homeless man at Cullen and 45 a pack of cigarettes. Of course, not something I condone and so don't usually do, but let's be honest- I'm not changing anyone's mind here :)


From Beth in Carrollton:

"Brought a trash bag on my walk and collected all the trash I could find. Even sorted a few recyclables."


From Janet in Frisco:

"We were honored to be part of '44 Acts of Kindness' today.

I have attached a photo of the first of five deliveries that Sarah and Emily made to some of our friends and neighbors.  I could hear them going into great detail about the reason for their delivery as they met each person and it was really touching to see the reaction on both their faces and those who received our goodies.

As they were walking around the neighborhood they spotted one of the '44 Acts of Kindness' notes under someone's windshield wiper so it looks like the residents on Timber Lane have been been both participants and recipients of many kind deeds today."


From the Smith family in Frisco:

"Noe donated 40 of her stuffed animals to Frisco Family Services.

I passed a gift card to a grandmother and her granddaughter behind us at a toy store.  

While at lunch gave a BIG tip to our waitress.

What a wonderful day!!  Steve would be so happy!!!"


From Beth in Plano:

"Gave blood in honor of Steve and my mom, who shared his birthday. Thanks for this day, Tyra. It lightens my heart."


From Pam in Austin:

"I helped a sweet, elderly fella in a wheelchair unpack his groceries in the HEB checkout line. He was so thankful he taught me how to cook brussel sprouts. Cutie pie."


We gave Target gift cards to folks throughout the day. One recipient was this sweet teen at Cedars Woodfire Grill in Plano. Cooper, Katie and I eat there most Sundays between church and piano lessons, and he always greets us cheerfully. He was reluctant to take the gift for fear he'd be in trouble, so I asked the manager, who said yes.

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