Sunday, November 4, 2012

44 Acts of Kindness: Part 11

From Jasmine in Frisco:

"DJ and I picked up trash around the neighborhood street."


From Uncle Jim in Virginia:

"Purchased Starbucks gift cards for workers in my apartment building - this will extend out into next week, as I probably won't see all of the intended parties until Wednesday."


From Kerri in Frisco:

"Gave the nail tech huge tip for her work today. She was so thankful. ;)"


From Becky in Dallas:

"We had a ton of food left over from a church luncheon today. I took it to my friends who are part of a New Monastic Community, who are taking it to a New Day worship service/fellowship meal this evening. This particular community consists of Perkins students in ministry with the refugee population in Dallas."


From Laura in Seattle:

"I donated to the Red Cross to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy."


From Patricia in Oxnard, Calif.:

"I had photographed our trick-or-treaters on Halloween night. I printed out photos of our next-door neighbors and took the photos to Briana and Rodney today. More kindness TK! :-)"


From Sherry in Frisco:

"Papa enjoying a chocolate milkshake."

"Luke & I took Mema some gluten free bread."

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