Sunday, November 4, 2012

44 Acts of Kindness: Part 3

From Steve's parents, Jim and Betty, in Dallas:
"Last week at our church's live auction, we won 12 homemade
cakes (one each month) baked by a wonderful friend. And
since we know that Steve loved delicious food, we have given
them to some of our friends who knew and loved Steve. Jim
and I also dedicated the anthem "In This Very Room" that
was sung by our choir today, All Saints Sunday, and in
memory of Steve. We miss him and thank you for helping
to keep our spirits high.


From Shilpa in Plano:
"Just donated some cash to a Parkinson's organization. Made 
some chicken rice for kids of friends who love chicken and 
their mom doesn't eat non-veg. Plan to hand deliver. Hoping 
for at least one more before the end of the day! Love you 
Steve, Tyra, KT and Coop :)"


From Jessica:

"My friend Angela Brown tipped me to the website. 
I made a donation to communities in Far Rockaway, 
N.Y., affected by Hurricane Sandy."


From Nancy in Holland:
"The kids and I started our acts yesterday, since so many 
places are closed on Sunday in Holland. Took a box of winter 
coats, boots, hats, mittens and scarves to the local mission; 
dropped off a bag of used running shoes to the local running 
store to be donated to SolesforSouls. Then, while in the 
customer service line at Meijers, saw a woman who was 
there before us but had lined up going in the wrong direction. 
So, when shrealized her mistake and went around to get in 
line at the end, we let her go ahead of us. Today, we picked 
up a couple of shoeboxes at church to fill with presents for 
Christmas Child. Such a wonderful feeling to be able to 
honor Steve's memory, but extra special to be doing 
it with my children."

From Bledsoe teacher DeLois:

"At my church altar - I placed $44.00 with the 44 Acts of 
Kindness card attached. These funds go to Frisco 
Families in need."


Kay in Lewisville got an early start:

"My sweet mother-in-law, Nancy, lives in an assisted living 
community in Carrollton and tomorrow a group of her good 
lady friends are coming to have lunch with her and celebrate 
Halloween, a holiday they have celebrated together for years. 

The ages of these ladies range from late 70s to late 80s and 
these 'ladies' have always known how to have a good time! 
In years past they have gone out to dinner many years dressed 
in their witch's costumes and having more fun than people half 
their age. We thought it was so sweet of them to be celebrating 
with Nancy that Tracy and I decided to not only get Nancy a new 'witch's' hat to wear for the party, we also made Halloween 
gift bags for Nancy to give all the ladies who are coming."


From Melissa in The Colony:

Hannah paying for the person in line behind us 
today at Starbucks. Such a nice feeling to brighten 
someone's day!


From Heather in Plano:

"Yesterday, we went to the SPCA and adopted a dog 
that had been rescued from a puppy mill. She's a precious
little thing. She will remind us to be thankful 365 days 
a year and to perform acts of kindness throughout the 
year as well, in memory of Steve. 

Also today, while picking up a kennel at Walmart, w

paid for the family's groceries who were checking out 
in front of us. I had forgotten to bring the little note but 
let them know that we were doing it in honor of Steve 
and left them with my business card with your blog 
written on the back." 

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