Sunday, November 4, 2012

44 Acts of Kindness: Part 7

From Uncle Jim in Virginia:

"Delivered clothes and sheets to Goodwill

Delivered snacks to Arlington County Fire Station #5: fruit tray, veggie tray, cookies & a cake"


From Kalvin in Plano:

"At a QuickTrip gas station, we taped quarters and Steve's note to a gas pump (underneath the poster advertising fountain drinks). The next person filling up will be blessed with cool, thirst-quenching kindness on this warm November afternoon!"


Cooper, Katie and I picked up litter on the grounds of Davis Elementary in Carrollton. Steve attended Davis for a year, and it's one of the schools that our church has adopted.


From the Libby family in Rockwall:

"We honored Steve's birthday by giving out waiter at Black Eyed Pea a generous tip. And the total almost came out to $44 - I should have seen that before we left. We miss you Steve!"


From Cindi of Mansfield:

"I bought 2 gift cards at a restaurant today. Gave one to the people behind me and asked the cashier to give one to a random person of her choice. You forget how good it makes you feel to do something kind for others."


From Jennifer in Carrollton:

"I bought Starbucks for a woman named Sheryl. She was taken aback and hugged me. When she read the note she said she'd be thinking of y'all today. When I walked away, I heard her telling the people behind the counter about why I did that. Thanks for giving me this opportunity. I'd never do it on my own."


From Paige in Minnesota:

"We baked some cookies and took them over to our neighbor. Sending our love from Minnesota!"


From the Mangos in Frisco:

"Just left Sonic after giving out 10 happy hour blessings to people waiting on food! We also blessed a family who lost their daughter this morning in a tragedy with a gift card...."


From Mark in Carrollton:

"Left a Starbucks card at the counter and told them to keep giving stuff away until it was gone....
I never knew Steve but if his kids are anything like him... I would have really liked him!"


From Shannon in Galveston County:

"Kept a 3 year old occupied at the football game today so the Mom could enjoy the game."


From Melody of Carrollton:

"I took an elderly person to Klyde Warren Park downtown Dallas. Something she had been wanting to do since their grand opening. She had a great time. My son and I also took her broken recliner to the curb and switched it out with another from her sunroom that she never sits in anymore. :-)"

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