Sunday, November 4, 2012

44 Acts of Kindness: Part 8

From Christina in Mississippi:

"We took a pie and the 44 Acts of Kindness sheet to our fire department today. We loved celebrating with you and your sweet family again this year."


From Angie in Frisco:

"Treated another family (that we didn't know) at one of our favorite places -- Smashburger! Shared how special you, Cooper and Katie are to so many people and how wonderful you are to honor Steve! Happy Birthday to Steve!"


From the Redmonds in South Carolina:

"Gave Case's soccer coach a gift certificate to take his wife out to dinner. He cut short a family weekend to come coach our boys and is awesome!

The boys also took the sports medicine trainer working the medical tent at the soccer complex a Gatorade. :)"


From a Frisco family:

"We filled up a wonderful YL leader's car with gas and made some banana bread for him. We are so grateful how they are sharing the gospel with kids in Frisco!"


From Kalvin in Plano:

"When the Sonic Drive-Thru server skated out with our watermelon slushes, he didn't expect an extra generous tip and Steve's note.  Happy hour kindness!"


From Debbie in Plano:

"Hey Tyra and kids! I just wanted to let you know what we did today. We made sure to tip our servers at breakfast, extra above what we normally do. But our big gift of kindness will be to the Frisco Fire Department #2- we recently went to a birthday party there and noticed they had an old tv. We happen to have an extra 50" flat screen tv that was looking for a new home. After visiting the fire station we decided to donate our tv to the station instead of selling it. We thought Steve would appreciate emergency workers benefitting from him. We also donated money to medical bills to a friend who had a dog hit by a car. We hope you guys have a fun day spreading the kindness like we did!"


From Debbie in Frisco:

"Zaza purchased ice cream at McDonald's for a little girl and surprised her when she placed it on her table in front of her and her mom on our way out."


From Tammy in Frisco:

"We just dropped off chicken and biscuits to a random family on Main Street! Happy birthday, Steve!"


From Tisha in Frisco:

"Donation made at womens shelter. Wish I could have known Steve. Thinking of y'all."


Cooper and Katie walked up and down our street this morning, picking up newspapers from lawns and placing them on front porches.

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