Wednesday, November 7, 2012

44 Acts of Kindness: Part 24

Angela in Allen:

"Today was a big AOK day for us. I picked up lunch for the 2 ladies who run our book fair (and are there pretty much all week). E got her hair cut to donate to Locks of Love. And we bought a restaurant gift card for a family at our school who recently lost their mom (at age 38, to cancer). I love that my kids have such a giving spirit!"

E before
E after


From Tom in New York:

"Still haven't been able to use my 44 acts card, but I did donate to Cup of Joe for a Joe."


From Sarah in Frisco:

"I am a little late to the party, but I have been thinking long and hard about my act of kindness.  I did not forget on Sunday, but buying the meal of the people behind me or picking up newspapers didn't seem like what I felt I should do.  Those are wonderful acts and much appreciated, but I wanted to push myself a little bit harder.  Finally this week a friend posted on Facebook that Frisco ISD is in need of parent mentors for children in our district.  I immediately knew that this could be my good deed in honor of Steve.  This is out of my comfort zone, yet something I have often thought about doing.  I have contacted the program and will go through training next week.  And today (albeit even more late!) I took lunch up to the school for Holland's teacher and Holland who has earned the privilege to eat lunch with her teacher from her good behavior stickers.  Holland broke her arm two weeks ago and is fully casted on her right side.  Her teacher has been so sweet about all of my concerns and helps Holland buy and carry her lunch each day, so I did the same for her today!"


From Leigh in Plano:

"On Sunday I ran an errand for my stepmother that she repeatedly said she would do herself (but hadn't).  She was very grateful.

Then in the drivethru at Starbucks I paid for the caramel macchiato ordered by the woman in the car behind me.

The interesting thing was, the Starbucks was near Steve's old high school. I wonder how many times the cashier heard the phrase "44 acts of kindness" that day?"


From Melissa in The Colony:

"Saw a post on the community FB page...someone in need of boxes. Realized I had many saved...I reached out to share, and shared with my 44 Acts of kindness card and a note to pass it on."

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