Sunday, November 4, 2012

44 Acts of Kindness: Part 10

From Kalvin in Plano:

"We delivered cookies to the kind, dedicated volunteers at the Medical Center of Plano. They are greatly appreciated and always deserving of a little kindness!"


From Naida in Frisco:

"Organizing our donations to go to Frisco Family Services. So glad for Bella and Dani to participate in such a great cause!"


From Tracy in Frisco:

"My husband & I gave a $50 tip to the college student waiter...will be taking purchased blankets to homeless shelter this week (couldn't do it today), and made chocolate covered popcorn to take to co-workers tomorrow! We're spreading the love out through the week! :) Thank you Tyra for reminding us that random acts of kindness go such a long way in making both the giver & receiver feel good...wish I could have known Steve, but I'm very thankful to know you & your children now! Happy birthday Steve!"


From the Rohde family in Rowlett:

"Took Chocolate cake, Red Velvet cake and milk to the local police department. Bought Starbucks for a family behind us in line. Snuck into the drive through line at McDonalds and Wendy's and paid for the food for the car behind us. What a fun day we had doing good deeds in honor of Steve!!!! :-)"


From Melane in Anna:

"Molli made chocolate chip muffins and took them to our new next door neighbors. She introduced herself, told them she was performing an act of kindness in honor of her Uncle Steve's birthday. And then she insisted on washing the dishes she'd dirtied."


From the Rodriguez family in Frisco:

"At Kroger we donated a bag of groceries to Frisco Family Services while we did our own grocery shopping."


From the Bawa family:

"We had our annual Sunday School Carnival today which was a perfect venue for our whole family to offer acts of kindness. Nabil and I both volunteered an extra hour at our duties to allow the next assigned person extra free time to enjoy the carnival. Mariam donated $5 worth of her allotted tickets to a younger child to play games, and Ibrahim used $5 worth of his tickets to buy bottled water and distribute them to people working booths in the sun.

Thank you so much for giving our family this gift today."


From Martin in Dripping Springs:

"I split my share with my referee crew & shared flyer. One had plans to "pay it forward" and help family struggling with band costs."


From Katrina in Frisco:

"I bought the car behind me coffee this morning and asked the cashier to pass Steve’s note to the car behind.  Then I handed the cashier his own note with a nice tip.  He looked so surprised!

Eva dropped off a little something for Katie on the bench outside your front door."


The Cutright family made a donation to the Red Cross in honor of Steve.


From Katie in Frisco:

"Made cards and dug into piggy banks for a surprise to help lessen expenses for our babysitter/friend to go back to Africa to see her family for the first time in 3 years."

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your act of kindness by bringing the delicious cakes to the Rowlett Police Department. God Bless you. Kelli K