Thursday, November 6, 2008

Brain Tumor Walk and Angel Adventure

One of my college friends and amazing mom to three children, Jenny Holland, is walking Saturday in a National Brain Tumor Foundation walk. The Brain Tumor Walk and Angel Adventure raises money to help fight brain tumors.

Jenny has been deeply affected by brain tumors. From her fundraising page:
On a personal note, I am walking in this fundraiser for many reasons: My mom, who died of a brain tumor 20 years ago; Roger Rainey, a friend and Birth and Women's Center's accountant who was diagnosed earlier this year, and Steve Damm, husband of a college friend who also was diagnosed in 2008.

Thanks, Jenny!

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Melinda Rembert Wells said...

Hi, Tyra! I went to high school with Steve (I was a baton twirler in the band) & my mom is good friends with Steve's mom, Betty. I am also a brain tumor survivor, so my family walked in the Angel Adventure Walk with me this morning & I dedicated my Walk to Steve & another friend of mine who also has a brain tumor. I just posted some pictures on my Facebook page, so I'll send you a friend request, so that you & Steve can see them. Praying for the damm spot to go away, Melinda Rembert Wells