Monday, November 10, 2008


I haven't updated on Steve's health in the past few days because, thankfully, he's feeling about the same. Even though he continues to deal with symptoms of the tumor and all his medication, we take that as great news!

Some updates:

  • Steve loved all the birthday wishes that poured in. (I had asked members of our Lotsa Helping Hands site to send cards in the 40 days leading to his 40th birthday. You all delivered! Almost every day for six weeks, he received at least one birthday card -- sometimes five or six.)

  • Neighborhood traffic slowed in front of our house on Nov. 4 to see a yard full of Steve images. Betty put together dozens of signs with old Steve photos, and I planted them in our yard before dawn. (They were also in Jim & Betty's yard on Sunday morning, when Steve and I arrived for his family party.)
  • Chemotherapy should begin again today, pending results from this morning's blood tests. The tech who did such a great job last week had more trouble today, requiring three sticks to get a good sample. Steve just has awful veins, worsened by all his current meds.
  • Steve is flying to Austin on Wednesday for a dental appointment at Uncle Rich's office and a haircut by Aunt Ami. He'll be home Thursday night.
  • We're planning a summer vacation to London to celebrate our 15th anniversary, Cooper's 8th birthday and Katie's 4th birthday. We cashed in all our American Airlines miles and took thousands from Jackie (thanks, Jackie!). We welcome any travel hints about London and suggestions for day trips.
  • The Dallas White Rock Marathon is 34 days away! We look forward to seeing many of you running as part of the See Spot Run team and others cheering along the route or at the finish line.


chrys said...

love all the birthday festivities! i'll bet he felt very loved and celebrated.


The Locke Family said...

Oh how fun that you are all going to London! I have lots of good tips for you and I might even have a book you could use about seeing London with kids. I'll look around for it and see if I can find it!!

Laura said...

London is such a great city. What an awesome way to celebrate! I can't remember many details from my whirlwind trip a few years back, but I did enjoy the Millenium (the giant ferris wheel -- is that name even close?). So much to see, really! The parks are gorgeous throughout the city. You will absolutely love it.

Natalie Willis said...

What a great idea! So glad to see everyone had a great day celebrating Steve's big day!