Monday, November 24, 2008


We're back in a familiar place -- waiting to hear from doctors.

Some correspondence with Dr. M and her office this weekend has the possibility of excellent news. One doctor looked at the MRI on Friday and thinks the growth is related to effects from radiation.

Based on that reading, apparently, UT-SW has slowed down this week's appointments. Steve is not getting a port placed in his chest today. The PET scan may be tomorrow, Wednesday or next Monday.

We would be beyond thrilled if the growth is treatment related. We'll both feel much better when there are PET scan results that show what kind of activity is taking place in the Damm Spot.

Still, until the mass gets smaller, Steve will continue to struggle with his latest symptoms. If the growth is related to treatment effect, will it just get smaller on its own? We have no idea.

So, we're about where we were Friday, but with more hope that the tumor isn't growing because cancer cells came out of dormancy.

Steve rested most of the weekend, enjoying food deliveries, very short visits with friends and lots of cuddling with his family and furry Margie.

UPDATE: Steve's PET scan is now scheduled for 9 a.m. next Monday.


Laura said...

We're rooting for radiation growth and quick, long-term relief for Steve. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.


Natalie Willis said...

I am holding my breath and hoping with all my heart that it is radiation related growth and not cancer growth!!! THAT is an awesome Thanksgiving gift!!