Saturday, February 6, 2010

The dance

Frisco sponsors a Daddy Daughter Dance every February. Early last year, when we realized how quickly Steve's condition was deteriorating, Steve and I decided that he and Katie should attend the dance -- even though she was a year younger than the recommended age.

They were beautiful together.

A few weeks after Steve passed away, Katie informed me that she would be going to the next Daddy Daughter Dance. And that she needed a daddy to take her. And that she'd decided on Uncle Greg, because he's a daddy.

So today Uncle Greg escorted Katie to the dance. They had a big time on their double date with Layne and Katie's best friend Noe. (Special thanks to Aunt Melane and Aunt Ami for their beauty shop skills.)

Katie reports that the dance was "gorgeous and awesome."

Katie is so blessed to have so much love in her life. She has only one Daddy. But she has the support and guidance of many other strong men -- the perfect match for her strong, independent, confident personality.

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Anonymous said...

Love it!! This is a little girl who is blessed beyond belief--able to give and to receive the love she needs. Kudos to Uncle Greg for his role in her life!