Saturday, February 7, 2009

Daddy Daughter Dance

Katie and Steve danced the afternoon away at our community's Daddy Daughter Dance.

Getting an up-do, something Mommy can't do

Because I lack hair-styling skills, Katie and I relied on Sweet and Sassy for a fancy up-do. The girly-girl salon was a frenzy of moms and daughters, glitter, bobby pins, tiaras, hair spray and laughter. Katie loved her afternoon at the beauty parlor.

One of Katie's more exuberant poses

Katie also loved her red dress and the chance to pose for the camera.

Most of all, Katie loves her Daddy. They share special traditions. They read Skippy Jon Jones books together. They both like bananas and yogurt for breakfast. They like to dance together in the kitchen to "Been Caught Stealing" by Jane's Addiction.

Best friends Katie and Noe

Layne and Noe joined Steve and Katie as scofflaws at the dance. The suggested minimum age is 4. The girls are 3 and a half. We thought they'd be mature enough to go this year. From what I've gathered, we were mostly right. There may have been some minor 3-year-old-style fits on the dance floor. Nothing that couldn't be smoothed over after the dance with some ice cream.

Double-daters Steve & Katie and Layne & Noe

At the dance, the Damms and the Smiths met up with the Bassens and the Domens. The four girls and four daddies snacked, danced and played for an hour and a half in a ballroom that was decorated to resemble an enchanted forest. We're thankful for Layne, Bob and Jeff, who helped make the afternoon special for Katie and Steve.

Steve's instability is about as bad as it's ever been. That certainly wasn't going to stop him from sharing sweet moments with his Katie. Steve rested much of yesterday and this morning to conserve strength for the dance and has been resting since they got home.

I know they'll both cherish the memories of the afternoon, and we look forward to next year, when Katie will be "legal" to attend.


Layne said...

Also, the DJ dedicated the last dance of the afternoon to Katie and Steve. It was an amazing moment.

Rev_DeanL said...

Way to go Steve! I was hoping that we would stay in our rent house long enough to be able to take Caitlyn to the Daddy Daughter Dance myself.

I'm glad you two had the opportunity to share those moments together.

Anonymous said...

I cried reading this. I love it! You'll need these pictures (and the future dance photos) when Steve and Katie dance at her wedding.

Jen B

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful occasion! And the pictures are a treasure. I especially like the one of Katie tenderly touching Steve's cheek. The happiness on both their faces is sweet beyond words. Thanks for sharing.
Mary G

DayleShockley said...

Your daughter is so adorable. I love her hair and lovely red dress. What a wonderful opportunity for her and her dad to make precious memories.

Natalie Willis said...

Great pictures! Looks like it was a great time! LOVE that updo! :-)