Monday, February 23, 2009

Symptom update

Steve's respiratory symptoms are much improved over last week. He still has an occasional coughing fit, but with much less frequency.

His left-side symptoms have not improved. We reluctantly take this to mean that the larger mass is due to new tumor cells. Steve has e-mailed Dr. M's team to ask about stepping back down off the high dose of Decadron.

Steve fell early Saturday morning and, thank God, was not injured in any way. He now uses the walker at all times to get around the house. I still have a couple of areas to clear for the width of the walker, but for the most part he can access anything on the first floor. (There's just one room upstairs, and there's nothing up there that he needs that we can't get for him.)

Please join us in praying that Steve's counts stay in an acceptable range for the new chemotherapy treatment on Wednesday and that Avastin and Carboplatin beat up on the new growth and the old cells.


Anonymous said...

I pray every morning and every night for you and Steve. Love you both dearly!

Kim L said...

I can't even find the right words to express my sadness and, more importantly, hope and optimism for many good things to come your way... just know that you continue to be in my prayers!
Kim L