Thursday, February 5, 2009

Two days, no drama

We have made it through two days this week with no emergency visits, no need for imaging, no big scares.

We are big fans of drama-free days.

Steve has had no more kidney stone-related pain. He's certain that the stone completed its journey, but he has no tangible proof.

The pain and uncertainty of the day in the ER did steal a lot of energy from him. He is especially unsteady on his feet; his voice is weak; his left arm and hand refuse to cooperate.

And yet he worked in the office yesterday and today. Our super Steve is simply amazing. He is going to work from home tomorrow. And he'll rest all Saturday morning to store energy to accompany Katie to the daddy/daughter dance that afternoon.


It's actually inaccurate to say there's been no drama at home.

I had trouble deciding what Katie would wear to the dance. I bought a few things and asked her to try them on.
Cute, but too summery and casual
Not as cute, and much too casual
Katie clearly was not happy recycling her Christmas dress, even with new Valentine's Day tights.
This red dress is the clear winner.

We faced a little more drama when I explained that the other new outfits were going back to the store. (No worries -- Katie doesn't lack for pretty clothes!)

I can't wait to see Steve and Katie dressed up and ready to dance Saturday!


Sweetest Whimsy said...

Those photos are PRECIOUS! Love the first and last outfits. Take lots of pics at the daddy/daughter dance! Thalia & Dylan went to their first one last year, but it was 80s theme so they had to wear ugly (IMHO) clothes. :)

Anonymous said...

She is so sweet. What fun she will have at the dance with Daddy!

Natalie Willis said...

Sooooooooooo beautiful!! She and her daddy will make a gorgeous couple! :-)

Glad you have had some drama-free days!


Andy said...

Thank God for "no drama" days! Great pictures of Katie (especially the facial expressions). I know Steve and Katie will look great and have fun on Saturday!

Anonymous said...

She looks so cute in that red dress.I can't wait to see the pictures!

Lynn Aguado said...

Dress number 4 is definitely the best choice, though Katie looks adorable in all of them, even in the one in which she is scowling. What a cutie! I hope dad and daughter have a wonderful time at the dance! Lynn