Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Want to give blood?

Wow! So very many of you have offered to give Steve blood. We are truly in awe of you all.

We have established a sponsor number through Carter BloodCare. If you want to give blood and have your units credited toward Steve's account, you use this number:

(that's a zero after the word "spon")

If you are in North Texas, you can donate your blood at any one of 27 Carter centers. Click here for a list of locations. It doesn't matter what type you have. (Steve's is O positive.) Your donation will help someone in need AND add credits to Steve's account. What a fabulous gift!

You can also use Steve's sponsor number at any company-sponsored or community group-sponsored Carter blood drive.

When one person gives a unit of blood under Steve's number, his account receives a credit, which offsets any blood-product cost we might incur. (I don't know yet how our insurance will handle the transfusions.)

Thanks so much!


We are in the treatment center now -- the same place Steve receives chemotherapy. The staff is running behind. Labs haven't been drawn yet, so we're probably still half an hour from receiving fresh blood. Updates to come.


12:36 p.m.: A fresh bag of O positive is dripping into Steve's PICC line. He is beyond ready for fresh blood!


2:35 p.m.: First bag is getting much smaller. Steve is napping. His cheeks have a pinkish hue!

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