Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Finally home

Today's treatment was uneventful, except that it took much longer than expected. The lab results seemed delayed, then the drugs seemed delayed. And then our sweet nurse seemed to set the infusion pump for a slower-than-normal rate.

The leisurely pace did allow Steve to nap for about two hours. Plus I was able to meet two work deadlines.

We had hoped to see someone from Dr. M's office today. She had told Steve via e-mail that someone would stop by. We were in the building for more than six hours, and no one appeared. I asked Steve's infusion nurse more than once. I walked around the floor, looking and asking for a Dr. M team member. They were nowhere. (It's not their clinic day, so they're apparently away in a different office on a different floor.)

We want someone to look at Steve's slightly swollen foot and hand. (Dr. M supposes that the problem is circulation.) Plus he has a sore throat -- just minor. Plus his left side continues to refuse to cooperate.

Also, we've asked for a prescription for a temporary disabled parking permit. I can usually drop Steve off at the entrance of wherever we're going and then park the car. But there are times when I'm not comfortable leaving him alone -- in a big crowd or if there are no places to sit and rest.

Steve will continue to communicate with Dr. M via e-mail and call if necessary. And then we'll see her Thursday, Feb. 19, after his MRI earlier that day.

We pray:
That Steve will experience no adverse side effects from today's treatment
That today's treatment will kill the live tumor cells
That his sore throat doesn't develop into anything worse
That his stability improves and at the least doesn't get worse


For months we have been praying Lauren, a sixth-grader who attended our neighborhood elementary school before moving on to middle school.

Lauren was diagnosed last May with tumors in her spine. A few months later, the cancer had spread to her brain.

Sweet 12-year-old Lauren passed away Monday.

We now pray for peace and comfort for her dear family.

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