Monday, February 16, 2009

Change in plans

Steve has developed some upper respiratory symptoms on top of his stability issues. He has started an antibiotic again and breathing treatments to help settle his persistent cough and wheezing.

Steve spoke with Dr. M last night. She's concerned about the respiratory issues and told him to stay home from work today (he doesn't need to be exposed to all the flu and strep germs still circulating). We asked Dr. M last night if she could move up the MRI and see Steve earlier.

Steve now has an appointment for an MRI at 10 a.m. Tuesday, followed by an appointment with Dr. M and a chest X-ray. We expect it will be a long day. Dr. M's office usually runs at least 30 minutes late -- probably because she spends such a long time with each patient. We'll learn the results of the MRI during her appointment.

We continue to pray that there is no tumor growth, that his increased symptoms are because of chemotherapy or a virus.

I'll update Tuesday when we know more. Thanks for checking on Steve!

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Natalie Willis said...

Prayers, love, and hugs coming your way.