Thursday, February 19, 2009

St. Paul ER

Steve's symptoms didn't improve today. Dr. M was concerned enough to ask us to report to the St. Paul ER.

She wants a set of fresh eyes, to see if there's an infection or something else that needs to be addressed.

Because the situation wasn't urgent, we had time to get the kids settled. Jim and Betty picked them up (and Margie) and took them to their house.

Then we packed a few things and called for an ambulance.

Steve arrived a little before 6 p.m. I followed in the car and was here just a few minutes later. Julie was already at the ER, waiting for Steve. She stayed with us for more than an hour. (We're in the old ER section at St. Paul. Julie commented that it looks like a set from St. Elsewhere.)

We're waiting on lab tests and chest X-ray results. And sometime tonight he should be admitted, under the hematology/oncology team.

Steve is in good spirits, making nurses and the doctor laugh. Still, he really doesn't enjoy being here.

I'll update as we know more.

Please pray for Steve and the health-care team. And please include Cooper and Katie in your prayers tonight. Cooper, especially, had a rough time this afternoon when he learned that Daddy was returning to the hospital.

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