Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fresh blood

Steve successfully received two units of O positive blood this afternoon.

His cheeks developed a pinkish hue by mid-afternoon. His hands are still grayish, but we're hoping that resolves as more time passes.

His energy level hasn't improved. His stability hasn't improved. His ability to move his left arm and hand has slightly improved.

We're not feeling despair, though. I spoke with Dr. M tonight. She emphasized that Steve's body is fighting a bunch of battles right now. His low white count, low hemoglobin count, laryngitis, a probable respiratory virus, some digestive troubles, a larger mass in the brain stem -- they all take a big toll.

So, the big bounce we had hoped for from the doubled Decadron dose and the two units of blood may not happen as quickly as we'd like.

Dr. M ordered Steve to stay in bed all day Thursday. If he feels up to it, he'll work from bed. Aren't laptops and wireless networks amazing?

I'm also amazed by the power of a stranger. Someone out there took the time to donate blood, and it's going to help Steve get stronger.

And I'm amazed by the human body. Something as essential as blood can be taken out of one body and then used in another. As unique as each human is, we all rely on basic elements. Blood, one of the most important elements, can be shared from one healthy body to another, less healthy body.

Thank you for continued prayer!


Chitnis and Chahal said...

Hang in there, taking baby steps towards recovery and wellness is better than not! He will recover from these little illnesses and things will be stable again.
Get lot of rest for yourself too.

DogBlogger said...

Hey -- Aldersgate is having a blood drive this Sunday! I'll email Steve's number to the church so we can invite people to participate. (And I'm O+ too -- makes it even more exciting to donate!)