Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just in time

We all have had a rough week. Cooper was no exception. He listens a lot and worries a lot. Just like all of us, he desperately wants Steve to feel better.

Like Steve, he really doesn't like hospital visits. He tends to take a few weeks to recover from Steve's overnight hospital stays.

A couple of events came just in time at the end of the week.

Cooper received his Wolf Badge at the Blue and Gold Banquet last night.

We had hoped to take Steve with us, but Dr. M was insistent that he not be around a whole bunch of people who may be carrying flu or strep viruses. She stressed the urgency of beginning the next chemotherapy cocktail on Wednesday, and that can't happen if he gets ill.

Cooper still had a big family cheering team. Grandma, Papa, Uncle Jim, Katie and I attended the dinner and cheered for Cooper and his buddies as they received badges that represent many months of hard work.

Betty, Cooper & Jim

Jim & Katie

Cooper & Tyra

Not long after we got home, our dear friend Matthew arrived from Florida. (Cooper's middle name is Matthew, named for Uncle Matthew.)

They've been playing, reading and having a great time catching up.

Cooper and I took a break this morning to go to his second soccer game of the season. Cooper scored two goals and was named MVP. Whenever he scores, we buy him ice cream -- today we stopped at the Double Dip for an extra-special treat to celebrate.

Cooper & Coach Phil

Tonight he's at a slumber birthday party, playing with old and new friends.

I know that these events don't take away some of the sadness he feels, but I am thankful for moments that give him boosts of confidence.


Sweetest Whimsy said...

Congratulations, Cooper! We are so proud of your accomplishments!

Kelly Otis said...

You can also add to that list of accomplishments that Cooper is a Mancala Master!! He came down on Friday to teach me some strategies. In his words, "he smoked me!" Three games to zero!! Can't wait to challenge him again! Haha! Love you guys!!