Thursday, March 24, 2011


We were constantly on the move last week.

 We arrived at the airport via Mary Mitchell Trimble.

We flew nonstop from Dallas to London on a 767. (Jim and Betty were on our outgoing flight. We were on different flights coming home. Uncle Jim was already in Europe when we arrived.)

 We walked. A lot. (Cooper, Uncle Jim, Katie, Jim and Betty on our way to lunch near our flat.)

We rode double-decker buses. (We spent much of Wednesday on the Original London Sightseeing Tour.)

 We cruised the River Thames on a boat. (The river cruise was part of the bus package.)

We rode a high-speed train from London to Paris. And back. (We spent a quick day in Paris.)

 We took elevators to get to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

We walked a lot more. (Cooper and Katie explore the grounds of the Louvre.)

 We took advantage of escalators. (Cooper was thrilled to see "Mona Lisa" in person, after studying the painting and da Vinci this school year.)

We tried to escape the Muggle world for a train to Hogwarts. (This ode to Harry Potter is tucked away in King's Cross Station in London.)

 We soared over London in a capsule in the London Eye. (The giant ferris wheel stands 443 feet tall.)

 We walked some more. (We braved the rain on Friday.)

 Some of us bounced. (Katie gets her wiggles out at the Peter Pan-themed playground in Kensington Gardens.)

 Some of us braved rolling logs. (Cooper walks across the bridge at the playground, also known as the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground.)

 We watched the city from inside buses. (Katie claims she was just resting her eyes -- NOT SLEEPING -- while she leaned on Papa.)

 We walked some more. (There were three or four bus lines within walking distance of our flat.)

 We navigated London on the Underground.

We occasionally splurged on taxi cabs when our feet were worn out.

We flew home via Boston, where it was snowing Monday afternoon. (Here we are waiting on a bus shuttle to take us from one terminal at Boston Logan to another.)

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