Friday, March 11, 2011

Fulfilling a promise

In 2008, Steve and I booked flights to Europe. We wanted to take Cooper and Katie to London and Paris. We knew Steve's time was limited, but we had faith that his health would stay strong enough for a summer 2009 vacation.

Steve's health declined severely in early 2009. By spring we conceded that we'd have to give up the trip.

Cooper and Katie were disappointed but understanding. And Steve promised them that they would one day go. He and I knew that I would be responsible for fulfilling the promise. 

Soon, I will make good on the promise.

I expect the Paris portion of the trip will be especially emotional for me -- Steve and I were there in 1999 for our five-year anniversary. Still, I'm looking forward to retracing some of our steps with Cooper and Katie. And I'm looking forward to Katie asking a real French person, "Ou est la Tour Eiffel?" (She's been practicing, with Haley's help, since August.)

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