Saturday, May 14, 2011

Head for the Cure

Katie (with a huge assist from Jeannie) created this poster for the race.

About 80 Run for Steve team members gathered this morning to run/walk the Head for the Cure 5K in Frisco.

Most of the team before the race (with some on their way and some hidden in the back)

Though the morning started a little cold and windy, the weather conditions were perfect for the race. In fact, at least two of our runners earned medals -- Walter Dewar (my ninth-grade geometry teacher) placed second in his age group and Katelyn Dattilo (one of the sweet seventh-graders I teach in Sunday school) placed first in her age group.

Katelyn and Walter

The team included Steve's family (Jim and Betty competed in their first-ever 5K), friends from Newman Smith and W.T. White, from the Dallas Morning News, from our neighborhood, from church, from Bledsoe -- even Autumn, a long-lost friend from Belton (circa 1982), rediscovered through Facebook. 

Betty and Jim on the course

Here's what I wrote to the team today. 

Early in the run, I saw one of our fourth-grade friends, Greyson. He was looking for his mom, Heather. I told him that if he can't find her not to worry -- he could just look for an adult in a Run for Steve shirt and they'd help him. 

"Well, let me tell you," Greyson said, "there are A LOT of those shirts."

Not long after Sept. 7, 2009, Cooper asked why God would allow his daddy to die. I told him that I don't know. But I did know that God provided a whole bunch of special people to walk with us as we continue life without Steve. Thank you for being those people.

What's incredible is that today's team represents a fraction of the people who walk with us and support us with prayers, friendship and acts of service. I am continually amazed by the special people surrounding us. 

Look for the gray shirts to find Katie, Adam and Noe, just before the kids' 50-yard dash.

Some couldn't make the race but donated generously to the cause -- thank you! Our team raised $650 in donations, not including the money raised from entry fees. Overall, the Frisco race grossed $152,000.
Money from the race will go to M.D. Anderson, to fund brain tumor research. A cure can't come fast enough. One reason: Melinda and Corey. Melinda is a W.T. White graduate who was in marching band with Steve. She is a brain tumor survivor who learned just yesterday that her tumor is most likely back. I invite you to pray, as Melinda has asked, for complete healing.

Corey and Melinda at the race

You can find lots more 5K photos here (by me) and here (by the talented Layne Smith).

Connor, Cooper, Baylen and Asher


Chrys and Mike said...

Oh, I love seeing these pics! Praying for precious Mel, praying for a cure...


Marci said...

Wow, that is a HUGE team! Amazing. Steve is just one of those people that inspire joy and that is obvious by the team of supporters.

Thanks for mentioning Melinda...I keep up with her Caring Bridge site and saw her recent post about the tumor looking like it's returning. Small world, huh? I did Young Life with Melinda, and I know Chrys Mundy from my Watermark days!