Saturday, May 19, 2012

Head for the Cure 2012

Last Saturday was a great day for racing! The weather was cool. The rain held off until the awards ceremony. And the site was packed with joyful folks running and walking in an effort to defeat brain cancer.

Cooper, Katie and I are so thankful for everyone who joined the team -- whether you could make it or not -- and everyone who donated money in Steve's memory and everyone who cheered for us in person or from afar.

There is such a sense of hopelessness with a brain tumor diagnosis. The statistics are overwhelmingly depressing. The treatments, though evolving, aren't effective enough. (I will never forget one of the doctors we consulted in December 2007 who took one look at Steve's MRI films and told us to go ahead and find a hospice agency.)

Events like the Head for the Cure Foundation 5K give people a small sense of control and a huge hope for a cure.

You can see the final list of team members and donors here. 

Morgan and Katie found a Sonic character before the race. Morgan and Katie are Girl Scouts together (and bridged this week from Daisies to Brownies).

Cooper is tall (5 foot 3) but Uncle Greg is still taller. And faster. For now. 

Part of our team gathered for a photo before the race. This awesome group includes people I've known since the ninth grade, neighbors, co-workers, friends of friends who've become friends. We are blessed. 
Katie loves Jeannie. (Everyone loves Jeannie.)

Betty was our biggest fan!
Cooper, Jay, Rich and Jakob
Jakob placed third in his age group!  
Shari and Tyra
Shari and I met last year through Head for the Cure. She is super positive and always helpful and a big reason the race runs smoothly. 
The delightful Cagle family and Katie
Will and Gracie are in first grade with Katie; Will and Katie have been in class together the past two years. I'm hoping for a repeat in second grade!

Best-ever neighbors: The Walls family 
Walter, Greg and Sharon are in this speedy crowd.
Cooper and Tyler ran together the entire race. 
Katie cheered for the runners while waiting for her kids dash to begin.
Neighbor, friend and new college graduate (woo hoo!) Allen placed first in his age group.

Allen's dad, Phil, placed first in his group, too! 
Walter, my ninth-grade honors geometry teacher and longtime friend, placed first in his group. 
Katie, Cooper, Sharon and Tyra headed for brunch after the event. Sharon placed second in her group, bringing our team award total to five!

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