Saturday, May 5, 2012

Team roster so far

Look at this strong group of runners and walkers! Here's the list, so far, of folks who have registered for next Saturday's Head for the Cure Foundation 5K. (For details on the event, please click here.)

Adam Spears
Allison Earwood
Ally Calandro
Angela Barretto
Angela Frazier
Caden Wright
Carson Wright
Cathy Rodriguez
Celeste Walls
Chase Wright
Chloe Wright
Chris Backus
Chris Calandro
Christiann Calandro
Cooper Damm
David Cagle
David Shilson
Dylan Coleman
Elaine White
Eric Slemmer
Erin Baird
Ethan Krilic
Eva Woody
Gracie Cagle
Greg Woodbury
Isabella Rodriguez
Jakob Woody
Jay Woody
Jennifer Morgan
Jenny Reeves
Julie Spears
Julie Spessard
Kanya Deering
Kara Burley
Kathryn Damm
Katie Calandro
Katrina Watland
Kelly Cox
Kelly Starnes
Kendall Walls
Kristin Cagle
Kyla Walls
Laura Riddle
Layne Smith
Leslie Wright
Lisa Cutright
Liz Smith
Luke Morgan
Marcy Gore
Mary Calandro
Matthew Rodriguez
Mike Morgan
Morgan Frazier
Pamela Coleman
Richard Chollick
Ro Lewinski
Robin Lowe
Roddy Wright
Rodica Slemmer
Ron Walls
Sage Backus
Sean Burley
Sharon Grigsby
Stuart Cutright
Suzanne Endres
Tamarah Walker
Tammy Patterson
Tate Johnson
Tyra Damm
Walter Dewar
William Cagle

There's still time for you to join the fun! You can register online through Wednesday. (Click here for the registration page.) Be sure to choose the team registration AND choose the Run for Steve Damm team. 

If you've registered for our team and do not appear on this list, please email me at

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