Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Head for the Cure 2014

Uncle Jim, Uncle Greg, Papa and Coop

Bledsoe fifth-grader Riley (supporting Team Stevie, in memory of Stevie Patrick) and Tyra 
Tyra and Cooper

This year's event was extraordinary for many reasons.

1. Katie ran/walked the entire 5K. Before she had only run the 100-yard dash.
2. Cooper completed the race in 24:11, beating last year's by more than three minutes. He came in sixth in his age group, but first among all 12-year-old boys.
3. Katie was joyful the entire event. In previous years, she was understandably emotional and at times despondent.
4. Our team was the most visible, thanks to the super-fun T-shirts designed by our dear friend Jenny Morgan.
5. Our team raised $1,610 for brain cancer research!

Big thanks to our donors!

Alexia Isaak
Amy Forbus
Christina Johnson
Crystal Morris
Gina George
In memory of Steve Damm
James and Betty Damm
Jenny Morgan
Joy Lasley
Julianne Amezcua
Kelli Snyder
Liz Smith
Lucy and Rosella
McKenna Davenport and family
Mrs. Cindy Hons
Mrs. Jan Pepper
Ms. Karen M Jackson
Nickel Family
Patricia Stewart
Randy Lasley
Rusty & Jill Yull
Sarah Masters
Shannon Rosenfeld
The Lefflers
The Sweckard Family
The Warhoftigs
Tonia Waller
Tyra Damm
Vicki Davis

And a big thank you to the Run for Steve Damm team!

  • Joy Lasley
  • Randy Lasley
  • Tyra DammCAPTAIN
  • Cooper Damm
  • Jana Shilson
  • Katie Damm
  • Katrina Watland
  • Jay Woody
  • Jakob Woody
  • Eva Woody
  • Jennifer Baumgardner
  • Alyssa Ross
  • Julianne Amezcua
  • Ally Amezcua
  • Maddie Amezcua
  • Mia Amezcua
  • Lisa Tanner
  • Laura Tanner
  • Rick Davis
  • Vicki Davis
  • Julie Spears
  • Adam Spears
  • Brenda Buck
  • Melane Woodbury
  • Gregory Woodbury
  • Brooke Woodbury
  • Molli Woodbury
  • Jenny Morgan
  • Luke Morgan
  • MIke Morgan
  • Miller Spessard
  • Julie Spessard
  • Kelli Snyder
  • Kanya Deering
  • Logan Deering
  • Liz Smith
  • Sally Sims
  • Noe Smith
  • Vahn Phollurxa
  • Teresa Oostenbrug
  • James Damm
  • Melody Ruddell

This list represents family members, best of friends, friends from church, friends from Bledsoe Elementary, longtime neighbors, friends of friends, one of my Dallas Business Journal colleagues from 1992-93. This list is a small peek into the kind people who continue to surround our family and who remind us of what love looks like.

Here are a few photos of the joy from the day.

Cooper, Katie and I arrived by 6:30 to set up our table in Team Village and greet team members.

Noe and Katie, best friends since birth

Most of the Run for Steve Damm team

Even more members represented here

Gracie D. and Katie

Vahn, Logan and Kanya

Noe, Katie and Mia
Go, team, go! 
Adam, after some hard running

Speedy Bledsoe runners Brenda and Kelli

Adorable cousins Molli and Katie, with Aunt Mel and Uncle Greg behind

Coop, Uncle Jim and track-star cousin Brooke

Jordan and Katy O

Jenny and Katrina

Tyra, Lizzy and Julianne

Holy Covenant people

Laura and Lisa 
Cooper and birthday girl Betty


Christina said...

Thanks for sharing! One day I will be there with y'all.

Sharon Wang said...

Dear Tyra,

I found your blog from this article by Sharon Grigsby: http://checkonsteve.blogspot.com/2014/09/life-and-death-go-on.html

I'm a brain Cancer survivor and wanted to thank you and your team for the money you have raised to help find the cure.

Also, I will be praying for you and your family from here on out.

Sharon Wang

Sharon Wang said...

Ooops, I typed in the link to YOUR blog!!! Here's the one I meant: http://www.dallasnews.com/opinion/columnists/sharon-grigsby/20141009-sharon-grigsby-brittany-maynard-s-decision-to-die-on-nov.-1.ece