Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Steve at 22. Cooper at 12.

Steve, age 22, May 1991; Cooper, age 12, May 2014
Liz Wohl, who graduated the University of Michigan with Steve in 1991, shared this Steve photo with me again today. It's one of my all-time favorite Steve photos and was taken about six months before we first met (in the NT Daily office, when Steve was visiting Will). 

This time when I looked at it, I was instantly reminded of Cooper and this photo, taken last Thursday.

Steve was six-foot-one in this photo. Cooper is five-foot-eleven -- just two inches shy of his daddy's full height. I expect we have a few more years of growing.

(I wonder if Cooper will ever wear as much hair product as his daddy did way back then. For now, Coop is firmly against.)

When I showed Coop the photos side by side, he smiled big, then laughed, then said, "Wow. That is amazing. Simply amazing."

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