Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cycle 2 begins

Steve and I have been counting his chemotherapy cycles all wrong. (So much we're learning every day!) His first round of chemo was with radiation therapy, but imagine that as round 0. His first round of chemo post-radiation consisted of a week on, a week off, a week on and a week off.

Last night he began cycle 2, meaning another four weeks -- a week of chemo, a week off, a week of chemo, a week off.

Once again, he's had no trouble with the oral Temodar. Isn't that great?!

His white blood cell count from today's blood work is elevated. He saw the results after 5, so it was too late to consult Dr. M on what the numbers mean. I suspect it's from the respiratory infection he's fighting and won't worry until we're told otherwise. His blood oxygen level was up to 97 today, back on its way to 100.

We spent some of the late afternoon out front, playing with neighbors and enjoying the mild temperatures (though not loving the high humidity). Aren't these two dreamy?

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Laura said...

If you are like me, it's hard to believe that Katie (and my Ryan) will be turning 3 this summer! They are not so much our little babies anymore, huh? She's beautiful and obviously happy to be snuggled in her daddy's lap.