Friday, May 16, 2008

Still recovering

Steve's cough hasn't really cleared from last week, and some days it sounds like it's getting worse. Also, his blood oxygen level dipped back to 95 yesterday and he's more worn out than usual. His mom took him to his primary-care physician today (thanks, Betty!) -- a great help as I've got work deadlines today.

The physician's assistant wasn't pleased with his spirometer (an instrument that measures breathing) results, so she's given him an inhaler. Plus he has a sinus infection, so he's on a second antibiotic in two weeks. I expect that with those medications and a weekend of rest, he'll start feeling better soon.


Cheryl Thomas said...

We're praying for you Steve and Tyra.
Tim,Cheryl, Trevor & Sarah


Hope the meds do the trick!


Laura said...

Hope you're feeling better, Steve, and holding up well under those extremely high temperatures.