Monday, May 5, 2008

Round 3

Steve finished his third round of chemotherapy last night, with no obvious side effects. Isn't he amazing? More than one of our friends call him Superman. It's true!

The Damm boys -- Cooper, Steve and Papa Jim -- had a big adventure this weekend. They all attended Cub World with Pack 443, spending Saturday night at Camp Wisdom. Cooper officially became a Wolf Cub during the crossover ceremony. Steve sent the following note at 8:38 p.m. Saturday:

Cooper D just crossed the bridge and has been accepted by the pack as a Wolf scout. He has a new neckerchief! I got to stand up there with him.

Jim helped haul all the gear, set up the tent, keep up with Cooper and more so that Steve could be there but not get too tired. Our den leader, Wade, and the great parents of 443 helped as well. Steve especially needed help keeping steady on the uneven ground.

Cooper loved the experience -- BB guns, sponge war, whittling, making s'mores, sleeping in a tent. We are so thankful that both his Daddy and Papa were able to be there with him.


Anonymous said...

It is absolutely wonderful to meet the Damm family thru the eyes of others. I just recently met Big Jim here in Richmond and found the most gentle, gentleman on the planet. I have only known about the family since January when I took the job as secretary to the Superintendent of Schools and I believe with all my heart that Steve will get better and have a full life left to live. There are no persons in the world better than family to look after family.

My prayers are with you and your beautiful family. Love, Elaine E. Dunn

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that Steve got to got to cub scout camp with Cooper and be a part of the crossover ceremony! What an amazing time it must have been! I'm glad that Round 3 is over with no obvious side effects! Keep it up! We are praying for healing & strength.

Love to you all,
Jon, Heather & Preston


Hooray for the "boys"! Congrats to Cooper for his scouting achievment and to Steve for making it through round 3 with such strength and bravery!

Melissa, Dylan, Thalia & Carys